Goodness, Get over it.

I am 35, live in the country and am a professional photographer, My husband is a farmer, an avid fisherman and hunter and I love him dearly but some days I just don't know. being we live in oil country it is quite common to see oilfield activity in our area. I had gotten the kids off to school, My husband went out to the field and I had a shower, Made a coffee and sat back in my housecoat to look out over the land and relax.
Around the time I was thinking about finishing up and heading into town I noticed a service rig moving onto a location at a well just a quarter mile from our house, I decided to watch them for a bit and see what they were up to so I made another coffee and sat back in my chair. I watched as they set up all the equipment and had a bunch of large trucks come on and off location. It was kind of interesting to watch and I had gotten out my camera with my new telephoto lens and took a few pictures of different things and then...A guy walks around the backside of one of the pickups as I am surveying the scene for my next shot, He unzips his coveralls and...Whips it out.
Well, My oh my, I am married to a man who is not real big but I always thought he was about average down there until this morning. Holy you know what...He whips it out and it was onger and thicker than my husband had ever been even rock hard...Well I am a lady but I am also a woman so I zoomed in and snapped a few pictures of this monster and then was sitting back checking out the pics. Just then I noticed another guy walk around the back of the same truck and whip his out, Ok, Nowhere near the sizre of the first guy but still not unimpressive, Needless to say I ended up sitting in my recliner for most of the morning and only got one more guy but he was somewhere inbetween the other two.
I have my camera linked to my ipad so I go get it and come back, I start scrolling through pictures and there was just something exciting about the fact that these three guys were just a quarter mile from my house at that exact moment. I laid back in my chair, Feet up watching the rig work and scrolling through pictures, I had taken off my housecoat, I mean...It's a quarter mile, No one could see me and I was leaning back, Legs spread and having a little sunny morning delight, I had never done it in the living room and never where there was even the most remote possibility of getting caught so I was quite enjoying myself.
I scrolled through some pictures and then set up the ipad on a cushion between my knees on a picture of the guy with the biggest one and was really getting warmed up when I heard "Ahem". Well geez, I almost had a heart attack, Kicked the ipad to the floor, jumped out of my chair and there was my husband, He looked at me, looked out the window and back at me. I wont get into all the details but he was quite upset that I was watching these guys and getting turned on by it, He felt it was very innappropriate that I had taken pictures of them and was then playing with myself while looking at them and watching the rig.
So...Big stupid fight when had he played his cards right he could have done me right then and there in the recliner, I totally would have. He deleted all the pictures off my camera and Ipad and let all in a big huff. Thank goodness for the cloud Tee Hee...

Oct 1, 2020

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  • I hope he leaves you

  • S***

  • What a w h***

  • A little different but my wife caught me jerking to pictures of her sister in a bikini and shredded them, Oops.

  • My husband caught me having a solo sess while I watched the neighbors son mow their lawn, He is 20 and RIPPED, Now my husband is always worried I am gonna bang him, I mean...If I were single I would let him destroy me but...I am not. Men can be so silly.

  • How old are you and how about your looks and measurements? You didn't make any advances?

  • Go away loser, Go watch p***.

  • You would do it though if some random coincedence happens and your husband is not around

  • Absolutley not, That's not how girls are, Sometimes you just need a little changeup and a change of scenery, Doesn't mean you will jump any random guy who shows up at your door.

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