Crossdressing for Halloween

I want to dress up in a pretty dress, high-cut-lace-trimmed panties, pantyhose (or tights?), bra, falsies, high heels, long, curly wig, and go somewhere on Halloween. I strive to look as 'passable' as possible, and hope real women
treat me well, and accepted, for loving their soft & pretty clothes. If any guys try hitting on me, will say: "I'm a Lesbian". (I'd love if a woman would like a guy who could play her "Girlfriend" once in a while...Even if just at home.)
Any ladies positive comments would be greatly appreciated.

Oct 2, 2020

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  • To Anonymous 3months ago-When i was 16,i finially made my First Holy Communion after it being put off for various reasons since i was 7 years old.I was in the class with the little kids and per the parish dress code,had to wear a poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress and veil with white tights and white mary jane shoes and under my dress i had to wear a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my tights.After the ceremony,teen boys and other guys came up to me and told me how nice i looked and a couple of teen boys tried to hit on me! At my party that afternoon,some of my guy friends also tried to hit on me!It was my boyfriend Brent,who was 17,that finially did me in later on.We were alone and he put his hand up under my communion dress and felt the diaper and plastic pants under my tights and got very h****! He got me to my knees,took out his hard p**** and made me give him oral s** and came in my mouth and i had to swallow it all!So being all dressed up isnt all that fun!

  • I would love to dress up sexy like that and play with someone that is doing it also.

  • Imagine liking your own post lol

  • I had the same dream

  • Then you woke up BRO

  • From a woman, don't wear pantyhose hun, find a sexy lace garter belt and some lace top stockings

  • I like your answer

  • I 'encourage' my kids to cross dress. Both ways. Love to see the awkwardness. Wish I'd had the guts.

  • I bet they secretly enjoy it hun

  • I know they do and to add to that I bet they play s** games with each other I know my older sister I did she gave me my first b******* and she had me put the tip of my rod just inside of her slit

  • Id take you oit for a drink and a bj

  • Best of luck .

  • Personally I love seeing men cross dress for halloween. It makes it feel more fun and safe!

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