Crossdressing for Halloween

I want to dress up in a pretty dress, high-cut-lace-trimmed panties, pantyhose (or tights?), bra, falsies, high heels, long, curly wig, and go somewhere on Halloween. I strive to look as 'passable' as possible, and hope real women
treat me well, and accepted, for loving their soft & pretty clothes. If any guys try hitting on me, will say: "I'm a Lesbian". (I'd love if a woman would like a guy who could play her "Girlfriend" once in a while...Even if just at home.)
Any ladies positive comments would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I would love to dress up sexy like that and play with someone that is doing it also.

  • Imagine liking your own post lol

  • I had the same dream

  • Then you woke up BRO

  • From a woman, don't wear pantyhose hun, find a sexy lace garter belt and some lace top stockings

  • I 'encourage' my kids to cross dress. Both ways. Love to see the awkwardness. Wish I'd had the guts.

  • I bet they secretly enjoy it hun

  • Id take you oit for a drink and a bj

  • Best of luck .

  • Personally I love seeing men cross dress for halloween. It makes it feel more fun and safe!

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