Old boss

I have a crush on my former boss and it's driving me insane.

Listen, I know alot of people go through these things and it's the world's oldest fantasy but I'm so embarrassed. All I do is think about him. It started about a week or two ago, out of the blue. I think about his smile, his voice and what he's doing at the current moment. I've found his facebook as well as his friends/family's pages and I've just been looking at photos of him nonstop and I'm so ashamed.

Before I go any further, let me just clarify some things:

1. I haven't physically seen him since I was 18, I'm 21 now.
2. Girls like me don't even exist in his world.
3. I've never spoken to him very much nor do I know anything about him as far as personality. The only thing I know about him is his full name and what he looks like.

I'm not ashamed because of him but because I hardly know him and I can't stop thinking about him. It's embarrassing. Every time I think about how maybe I'd have a chance, I always think about how there's so many other girls prettier than me and he could have anyone he wants. He wouldn't waste his time on me. Besides, I haven't seen him in so long. He probably has a girlfriend by now. I remember how charming he seemed, so confident. The way he would comment on my humming or call me darlin'. The way his voice sounds. I miss it. This post probably sounds so pathetic. I feel like a school girl who has a crush on the principal. He's a bit older than me too which doesn't lessen my crush because I've always liked older men. I'm hoping this crush will pass quickly because I can't stop thinking about him.

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  • Omg and wtf! This girl writes about a simple little crush she has on a guy she worked with "once upon a time", and MIGHT still have feelings for, and what she gets back is a series of criticisms of everything from her hygiene to her morality, and some disturbing advice on how to end his marriage (and let me note for the minutes that she never said he was married, but did imply that he might well still be dating). Not only have we not provided her with any meaningful assistance, we have both insulted her and wasted her time. It won't help the situation, but I will apologize to her, especially for any insult, intended or unintended.

  • We are all making assumptions that her former boss is married however, she implies that she thinks he had a girlfriend at the time! If he is not committed and unattached, she could start off by calling him and just having a casual conversation. From this conversation, if he is honest, she will then decide what road map she wants to create. It would be nice if this young girl replies to responses, so that people do not judge or make silly assumptions. Please make your appearances, young girl by replying. The fact that she implies that she has found his facebook as well as his friends/family's pages, gives me an indication he may perhaps be married. You got to read between the lines to get this young girls version.

  • ^^Perfect advice^^. follow it!!!

  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • So, what are you anGrrrrrrrrrrrrY about?

  • Your reply!

  • The advice is for the young girl. Not for me!

  • I would bet you have a serious stank butt and that why he dont get with you just saying you
    need clean out that butt lady

  • Idiot!

  • No he right . . . . . if she ain't had stank butt he woulda already got wit her. Hers must be bad.

  • Yes, it's really bad! So keep away, please.

  • Amen!!

  • Hallelujah!

  • O hope im your boss as like younger ladies to but hide it but if want send me a photo of naked I'm sure I remember and I send you one back to be better then Facebook photos secret email dammlagg@yahoo.com

  • Scum sucking bottom dweller

  • Call him and ask him to meet you for coffee. Get the ball moving. Nothing is ever going to happen if you keep waiting for something to happen. Get to work.

  • ^^insanity^^

  • Salacious fantasies. Keep dreaming...………….!

  • Yes, and they will remain in the realm of fantasy as long as she takes no affirmative steps to convert them to reality. But I believe she is strong enough and determined enough to make that conversion.

  • RESPECT the wife and (children: if he has any), him and yourself. Forget about coffee and the black fancy/frilly Frederich's of Hollywood outfit. It sounds tempting however, please don't do it! Don't end up causing embarrassment to him, yourself and his family. You don't want to end up hurting him, his family and most of all yourself.

  • No respect that's not earned!! She's done nothing to deserve respect from him, much less, from you!! He is yours for the taking. SO TAKE HIM!!

  • Please refrain from putting far fetched nonsense in this young girls head!

  • She is plenty old enough to hear God's truth and to get encouragement in pursuing a love interest. She need to know its the time is right to move on this man and get him all the way up between her legs meaning getting him all the way home. YES ALL THE WAY HOME. He need to get between her legs - - - and God knows she needs him there . . . . . . . . away from his sorry-ass wife FOR GOOD! To be honest, I wish she should be so much more aggressive with him. He seems like a secret sub and wants her to be the domme in the family. They should be together. And she should confront the wife as his new love and just identify herself as a confessed homewrecker. There is beauty and poetry in that approach and she could easily bring it off. He wants her to be a blatant homewrecker! She needs to be that and needs to do that. It's who she is and it's what she is. There is no shame in being a homewrecker. ONLY PRIDE!!

  • You believe that LOVE takes place, only between the legs. Any further than this is considered inefficacious. Homewreckers, don't end up in a very good place. Whist, one gets scorned, the other takes no responsibility for the dangerous liaison. Just stay away from drama and you will see that your life will not be riddled with pain and heartache. Find someone who: is not committed, wants you for who you are not just interested in just S**!

  • You --- all of you --- should red "Love is a Dog From H***", by Charles Bukowski.

  • "red" = "read", I think . . . . . .

  • Young girl, my advice to you is simple: You have to learn to move on and forget about this man. Love for him is a game. Don't waste another moment thinking about him because he will only break your heart. You will eventually fall in love with someone who respects you. Let him go!

  • She needs to understand that there is no benefit in waiting for another woman to get out of her way. The wife almost never wins these things, but they (and their retarded children) always take away vital time with a man that belongs to YOU. They also take money from him that he should be spending on you for lavish gifts or giving directly to you. So his pitiful, clingy wife is costing you time and money. You MUST stop allowing her to do that. The sooner you confront her with your ownership of her husband, and the sooner you blow up that sad sick marriage, the happier you will be, and the happier HE will be. Do it soon. Get pregnant (by "forgetting"your pills) if you have to. A baby changes everything, but it especially changes your leverage. Go get what's yours. Get your man and his money. Get his wife out of your way.

  • This person has got a one track mind. Babies, money and how to ruin a marriage. I suggest that you should write a book on:
    How to be a homewrecker.
    101 dummy ways on how to succeed on being a cougar.
    You never know!
    It may be the number one seller.

  • If someone truly loves you, they will come to you in good time. If it is not meant to be = he is not yours. Respect wife and children. You are not a p*** in a game of chess. Love is action/not a verb. Just be strong and walk with your head up high and just see it as a 'school girl crush'. As time passes you will truly see it for what it is! Just keep nice memories tucked away in your heart and when you start healing/growing, your feelings for him will diminish. Have respect for all concerned and don't go chasing waterfalls.

  • Love does happen between a woman's legs. It cant happen any where else. That is how you know it true love......its happening right there...... Between her legs.... And the bigger the thigh gap the deeper the love. You know its totally true. The best homewreckers have the best relationships. By destroying her man's current marriage, a new, better, more beautiful and more holy marriage can rise from the toxic remains of what went before. Homewreckers are pure gold, and their boldness and destructiveness should be admired and honored.

  • You're obviously aching for him and his absence is hurting you. Please stop restraining yourself and make a move on him. If he utterly rejects you, then at least you'll be able to more easily abandon your thoughts of him. If you do nothing, then the longing for him will stay in your heart forever, injuring you. But we both know he will not reject you. HE CANNOT RESIST YOU! You are young. You are vibrant. You are smart. You are aggressive. You are incredibly sensual. You are h****. Who could possibly resist you??!?!!! Go get what you want. Go get that man! Go get him inside you!

  • Homewreckers DO have the best marriages. Its because they do whatever it takes to get what they want. They do NOT allow stupid pitiful wives to stand in the way of what they want. My best friend totally destroyed a marriage and a family to get the man she wanted for herself. And then I was the maid of honor at her wedding. And at the wedding she was pregnant with the groom's baby, conceived during the marriage she destroyed. It was sexy as all h***!

  • That is one happy ending : )
    Hope it lasts forever!

  • Find out where his office is now (if you don't already know). Go there near the end of a work day. Wear a full-length coat, buttoned up with nothing under it but a fancy/frilly Frederich's of Hollywood outfit, preferably all-black. Walk into his office, tell him you bought him a little gift, then unbutton your coat and show it to him. Tell him you want him on you, then lay across the top of his desk, and whisper, "The w**** needs a f******." Then moan a little, and whimper, "she needs it so so so so baaaaad." If he resists, beg, "please". Fake cry, then say "please" again. If he still declines, tell him "I want you to f*** a baby into me". Press your hands over your abdomen and say, "F*** it sooooo deep". When you finish with him , he'll belong to you, and he won't be able to remember his wife's name. :)

    Have fun, dear.

  • Yeh, tell him you need him deep! Ovah and ovah!

  • Keep dreaming! He is not for you. He has prime real estate, elsewhere.

  • Keep dreaming, loser!

  • Dribbling fool!

  • So why u r discussing it here just grab his rocket deep in your throat and he will surely give up later he will through you on his table and it would be a monster fu ck. I hope the whole office watches and enjoys ur destruction

  • So so so so yummy !

  • Yes!

  • Don't go near that monster. You are young and should have your sights set on someone who is not committed to someone else. Let it go! He will break your heart. You deserve someone better. Why do you have to degrade yourself. He is not the one! Once they bite the apple, they discard you. Treat yourself with dignity and forget about him. He is not worth your time.

  • Charming!

  • Fucken A!

  • Beg your pardon!

  • Yes! The wife can't compete with you now and never will.

  • I am sure she is a good person. IDK however, wife and children come first. He just wants to have his cake and eat it, too!

  • What you feel is clearly real and incredibly precious. Never let go of it!!

  • Please don't DARE give up on your dream.

  • Give up. You will not regret it!

  • Send him a DM saying that you will eat his ass for an hour. with full tongue insertion

  • So beautiful. So perfect. So loving.

  • I think this is a really wonderful idea. Please describe to him what you do to yourself (and how) whenever you fantasize about him. And explain to him that you really don't care whether or not he's currently involved with another girl, or even if he's married. Let him know clearly that he can have you anytime he wants you, no matter what, and that you will rim him like a filthy, perverted maniac as often as he likes. He will fall completely in love with you.

  • Absolutely gross. Do you have any morals? Obviously not!

  • All is fair in love!

  • There is no fairness in love!
    Delusional fantasies + obsessional desire = absolute stupidity

  • Indeed, very good advice! Run for the hills. Forget about the loser and you will never regret it, young girl! Get a life.

  • The only good advice here is the advice frequently given to get him away from that nauseating nightmare family of his and then mock them and laugh about them with him while he's deep inside you f****** your guts to jelly. Get busy and get that man. He yours.

  • How nauseating!

  • Please, get over him. He is not worth it! Get this silly fantasy out of your head.

  • The only way she should "get over him" is whilst he's laying on his back with his d*** in the air as she prepares to mount him cowgirl-style. You GO, girl! Get that d*** in you and never let it go!!!! That d*** belong to you! How you don't see that???!!? His wife is a sad mess and you tha MFbombay!

  • Absolute nonsense! Don't listen to these preposterous responses. You are dealing with people who have a lower form of wit.

  • Nobody being funny. Love is serious is it not?

  • Yeah love is serious and making love is even more so.

  • Love is a joke, for some. You filthy animal, YOU!

  • Love is never a joke! Yes it CAN be filthy but that just makes it all the more sweet!!

  • The filthier the better ..... Everybody knows. it.

  • Thats right the more you love him the filthier you will get for him. Get super f****** filthy even let him see you pee.

  • PIG!

  • When the novelty wears off, the dog goes sniffing elsewhere. What ever happened to old fashioned love? It all faux, these days!

  • That is too right! Love has lost its lustre!

  • Yah go for it girl!

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