Old boss

I have a crush on my former boss and it's driving me insane.

Listen, I know alot of people go through these things and it's the world's oldest fantasy but I'm so embarrassed. All I do is think about him. It started about a week or two ago, out of the blue. I think about his smile, his voice and what he's doing at the current moment. I've found his facebook as well as his friends/family's pages and I've just been looking at photos of him nonstop and I'm so ashamed.

Before I go any further, let me just clarify some things:

1. I haven't physically seen him since I was 18, I'm 21 now.
2. Girls like me don't even exist in his world.
3. I've never spoken to him very much nor do I know anything about him as far as personality. The only thing I know about him is his full name and what he looks like.

I'm not ashamed because of him but because I hardly know him and I can't stop thinking about him. It's embarrassing. Every time I think about how maybe I'd have a chance, I always think about how there's so many other girls prettier than me and he could have anyone he wants. He wouldn't waste his time on me. Besides, I haven't seen him in so long. He probably has a girlfriend by now. I remember how charming he seemed, so confident. The way he would comment on my humming or call me darlin'. The way his voice sounds. I miss it. This post probably sounds so pathetic. I feel like a school girl who has a crush on the principal. He's a bit older than me too which doesn't lessen my crush because I've always liked older men. I'm hoping this crush will pass quickly because I can't stop thinking about him.

Oct 2, 2020

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  • O hope im your boss as like younger ladies to but hide it but if want send me a photo of naked I'm sure I remember and I send you one back to be better then Facebook photos secret email dammlagg@yahoo.com

  • Scum sucking bottom dweller

  • So why u r discussing it here just grab his rocket deep in your throat and he will surely give up later he will through you on his table and it would be a monster fu ck. I hope the whole office watches and enjoys ur destruction

  • Don't go near that monster. You are young and should have your sights set on someone who is not committed to someone else. Let it go! He will break your heart. You deserve someone better. Why do you have to degrade yourself. He is not the one! Once they bite the apple, they discard you. Treat yourself with dignity and forget about him. He is not worth your time.

  • Charming!

  • Send him a DM saying that you will eat his ass for an hour. with full tongue insertion

  • Please, get over him. He is not worth it! Get this silly fantasy out of your head.

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