Your fault

My husband and I got trashed in the garage with his cousin one night and my husband was drunk and telling his cousin how great I am in bed and that I can deepthroat. His cousin laughed and said "Yeah right, You must have a small d*** then" and my husband being slobbery drunk told me to show him.
Ok stupid, What did you think would happen, His cousin whipped out his c***, I worked it all the way down my throat and I will say, He has a long c***, Not super thick but he has length. At one point my husband got up and went outside to pee, When he came back his cousin had me bent over the counter and when my husband came around the corner he was hammering me, At the time he was all for it and joined in, We all got off, His cousin left because things got awkward and now my husband is p***** that I f***** his cousin.
YOUR FAULT!!!! you started it.

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