My embarrassing times with girl

My summer before entering 4rth grade,I had to have my appendix removed.Today,one MIGHT spend a night in the hospital. Back in the early 1960's,it was closer to a week.Anyway,the day after surgery, two young girls retrieved me, and led me to the shower room.They told me to undress for a bath. I was mortified as they seemed to continue giggling as they sat me onto a wooden stool which was inside of the tub. It was only after I was seated, did the older girl start the water flow.It was only minutes before a tall, older woman entered, spoke briefly to the two nurses(?),then all three approached me.They were all smiles but I was scared, naked and embarrassed. The older woman cheerfully announced that they were going to help me have a bowel movement before the bath.I must have blushed because one of the younger girls called-out to the others that my face was red;(the two others had gone to a large sink and began filling a large red-rubber bag with soap and water. I had no idea what was coming but the youngest had removed her shoes and climbed up into the tub with me. She smiled and told me she was going to give me an enema,and then sat on the stool.Bye now, all three "girls" helped me to lie across the lap of the student nurse, and they soon had men a fluffy towel, draped across the lap of this smiling student nurse. I still did not know what was to occur,but I felt helplessly exposed.I was,(still am),painfully shy and could now feel the soft but firm feminine fingers,prissing apart my bare bottom.My shyness and my shame had caused me to tense-up my bottom.The older nurse immediately responded with a flurry of blistering spanks to my heretofore pale quite red and performing a lewd number of involuntary gyrations, much to the amusement of the two students(!) I was humiliated when the girl who's lap i was draped across, cheerfully announced that my "ashamed a***" was now exposed to all their inquisitive, smiling,feminine eyes! I was now crying, still not aware of what they were doing, but soon felt the strange and rude intrusion of a long, slippery finger go right up my bottom.The sensation scared me to where I was actually paralyzed with fear.Something called a double Bardex balloon was "greased" and pushed-up into my previously most private spot. Worse,the door swung open and a large group of giggling girls peered in and asked The Charge Nurse if she wanted coffee. My heart sank as this tall, dominant nurse announced their break would come later. She went on to say that a fine teaching experience had come up and they were all to enter and observe!!! I was the naked center of attention to a large group of smiling inquisitive eyes.Get worse...oh yes...somewhere in that crowd came a call with girlish glee,"oh look, he's having an enema!!!" I hoped a hole would open up and take me. Instead,EVERY GIRL was brought up and given a close-up view of how the "timid flesh of my sphincter" was tightly gripping the intruding balloon catheter.Then,a click?!?! I soon felt the intrusion of the warm and soapy water, pushing it's way into my confused colon! The girls began to laugh, and comment on my lewed, "frantic f**** wiggling".I had very little idea as to what was happening. One thing,I did NOT want to disgrace myself...I felt I would die if I lost control of my bowels infant of all these girls!!! And still, more humiliation, the girl on who's lap I laid,announced to the giggling girls,"he's tickling his tinkle...he's tickling his tinkle...The charge Nurse bent downwind peering into my tear-filled eyes, asked if I were having dirty thoughts.All I Knew Was FEAR of loosing control of my bowels...I begged her to allow me to go to the bath room.In a most undignified manor, she reached under my arms, and hoisted me to my feet.The girl erupted in laughter when they aw my "little tinkle" bob up and down!!! I was now frantic with cramps and the feeling I would loose all control...despite my shame,I voiced this loudly to the charge nurse, causing all the girls to tease me and add to my shame!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I begged as the charge Nurse stood with a sardonic grin, her hands on her hips..."i am so the large balloon pushed past my sphincters, and a gush of bowel content, splashed onto the floor.

Oct 5, 2020

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  • Great story , man . More , please .

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