Can't Wait Until Fall

I'm a 32 year old that's recently divorced. I work as a teacher in at a pretty affluent high school. One day last spring, with about a month of school left before summer, I was working in my classroom before school began. The students were arriving at school and hanging out in the halls. As I sat at my desk, a student ran into my classroom and said her friend was acting weird and looked really pale. She took me to her friend and I asked her this girl if she was ok. She said, "I can't really see you" and then passed out.
As she fell to the ground I grabbed her. In that instant, a thousand thoughts ran through my head. I had seen this girl a few times before. She is absolutely beautiful. She looks exactly like Erin Heatherton, but with darker hair and a slightly darker complexion. She was wearing short white shorts and a green tank top. I carried her into a nearby classroom and I told her friend to close the door, pointed to the phone and told her to call the school nurse. I laid the girl down on the floor and held her head away from the floor between my knees b/c I was afraid she would have a seizure. About 45 seconds later she awoke dazed and confused and the nurse arrived a few minutes later. Someone brought a wheel chair and the nurse hauled her away. The bell rang for school to begin and all I could think all day was "That's the first time I've touched a female in over six months," and I couldn't stop thinking about her all day. Her soft smooth legs and how she smelled so good.
The next day during my period off I saw her standing at her locker--she apparently had arrived at school late. I said, "Hi, how are you, are you feeling better, you really gave me a scare yesterday morning." She very nervously said she was fine and walked away without ever making eye contact with me. For the rest of the school year she made it a point to avoid me by going to the other side of the hall in between classes and never making eye contact.
Fast forward a month, it's the last day of school, the last bell has rang, and the kids went home. Again I was sitting at my desk grading finals. I hear a knock at the door. It's the girl I helped, standing there in a little black dress and red high heels. I stood up and we met in the center of the room. She looked me in the eye and handed me an envelope. "My parents and I just wanted to thank you for helping me." I something along the lines of I really didn't do anything, any teacher would've helped, blah blah. We small talked. I learned she was would be a senior and her name (we'll call her Erin) and her interests, she's college bound, etc. She said she had to go and then, to my surprise, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Again my mind raced. After she left I opened the envelope. It was a thank you card from her parents with a generous gift certificate for a local upscale restaurant.
I thought about her all throughout the summer, definitely every day. With about two weeks before school started up again, my friend set me up on a blind date so I decided to use the gift certificate. We were at the restaurant and I was trying to act interested and make conversation with this woman. The hostess set a young couple caddie corner to us and I looked up and it was Erin and young man I've had in class before. He's an idiot and a j***. Erin and I sat facing each other across the isle and we exchanged a few glances but never really acknowledged each other.
Now it's the first day of school early in the morning. I'm in my classroom and Erin walks in with a big smile on her face, looking better than ever. She asked if I enjoyed my meal and I said yes and asked the same. I then inquired about her date and politely told her he's a d********* and can have any boy she wants. She just blushed and politely disagreed.
Throughout this year she's stopped by about once a month to chat and she always smiles at me in the hall and sometimes even gives me a sexy wink. She comes to talk to me about relationships and personal stuff and sometimes makes references like she wishes she was older, she wishes she could find a mature guy, and other vague comments like that.
I've never made any advances toward her and I never would while she's a student, but I do have a plan.
When she reveals where she's going to college, I'm going to say "Oh wow, I have relatives and/or friends there and I drive/fly there all the time. Give me your phone number and email address and I'll take you out for a decent meal. Believe me, nothing beats a good meal when all you eat is crappy college cafeteria food."
I'm sure she'd accept the invitation I'll go there this fall, rent a hotel room, take her to the nicest place I can find and see where it goes from there. I have thought about so many different scenarios, how the night would go, what could happen. It's driving me crazy. Until then, I'll just have to be patient.

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  • I like that you have respect towards her, not many teachers who confessed say these kind of things and they think with their hormones.

  • I think you're going to have your soul crushed. Obviously she's out of your league. She's been polite enough but not looked at you in a sexual way. She thinks of you as an adult figure and when you make your move it will creep her out. That's my prediction.

  • F*** her and c** on her t***.

  • i think that this is soo very cute! i am a student myself and this story sounds very life like and appealing. i always knew young teachers had things for there older students. way to go! i wish best of luck, i'd love to see the outcome of this story! please update!!!!!

  • Well, I hope you are checking this page out every once in a while to see if I'm updating this. She just told me today where she's going to college and, in a huge coincidence, she's going to the same town I went to school at down south. She actually came to me a few weeks ago and asked my opinion about the school, the quality of it, the nightlife, etc. So, I'm approaching this as a huge opportunity. I'll keep you updated.

  • Sounds like you did the right thing by waiting. You are a adult and so is she nothing wrong with that.

  • dont do that.. shes a student and ur a teacher that will never change.

  • Good for you! I hope it works out nice to see your being smart and waiting.

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