I cheated

I just cheated on my husband for the first time this weekend. I'm 34 and we've been married for 9 years. I am a physiotherapist and one of my clients is a hot guy named Julian. He's 29 and he's 6-foot-6 with a chiseled, tight body. He came to me to work on his calf and I was attracted to him right away. We flirted a lot and he started hitting on me, coming right out and asking me out. I was leery at first not only because I'm married but also because we're not supposed to get involved with clients. But he's so hot, and working on his lean muscular legs once a week turned me on.

This weekend my husband took our son to a baseball tournament out of town. Left to my own devices I had no chance. I called Julian and went to meet him at a park where he was playing soccer with some friends. One look at him playing and I was wet. He looked so hot playing soccer with his shirt off, and he was clearly the best player on the field. After he finished he greeted me with a kiss and suggested he go home and change first before we went out for a drink.

We never made it out. We went at it as soon as we got inside his condo and tore our clothes off. I knew he'd be huge and I was right. His c*** is long, thick and uncircumcised. He has incredible stamina and he f***** me four times -- twice on the sofa, on a stool and on the floor. I felt dirty letting him f*** me in any position he wanted but I didn't care. The last time on the floor, he came all over my t*** and I rubbed his hot come all over my body. I had to shower, and after I got out he was waiting for me. We f***** again on the bathroom floor and I let him come inside me.

I feel a little out of control, but I can't turn him down now. We're supposed to get together one night this week.

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  • My attitude is like to the royals "the more that the world ignores them, they will go away and have less platforms to push their abuse on the general public who are tired of hearing about them when they are so mean and abusive. they harm everyone who is a fan anyway." ignore them and you give the power back to the people! and that has to be the bottom line for us commoners to survive! its all about the Windsors (fake name, THE MERRY WIFE'S OF WINDSOR CAN GO EAT C***!) survival well, times are tough, its all about the COMMONERS SURVIVAL NOW!

  • Just one more good f*** and you should call it quits

  • You are about to lose more than your professional licenses. Enjoy the f***,you may get knocked too!

  • Be carefull - getting caught could not only cost you your marriage but also your job

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