Home Nudist Mother In Law

As future In-Laws, my parents-in-laws seemed to hate me . They believed I was a bad influence on their daughter and tried really hard to break us up. Ultimately it didn't work and we were married.

One request I had of my wife was that when home she is always ** or in lingerie. She could keep a sundress or robe by the front door for when company shows up she didn't want to see her like that. If I came home from work and she wasn't naked, or in something **, I'd express my let down. She got caught a few time and wasn't happy about it. This isn't about those times though. This CMNF concept was proving a losing battle for me but I had my preference and I was sticking to it. Fast forward to the hard times.

The economy took a dump and I got my work hours significantly cut. We moved in with my In-Laws until we got back on our feet. Pretty soon after that I ran into my MIL in the laundry room in just her bra and **. She was visibly embarrassed but didn't cover up. She merely quipped that it was late and I should be in bed. This became a pattern. After hours when everyone went to bed, if I ventured out I'd likely run into her in her bra and ** somewhere in the house. Each time I'd make my apologies and leave.

I'd tell my wife each time but she wouldn't believe me.

The bra disappeared and I started running into her ** at night. I stopped apologizing, as this was an obvious escalation. I still didn't stick around to talk. Then one night I came out and found my MIL washing dishes au natural. I had to know what was up so I stayed and we talked, a lot. She said it was really all my fault. When they (my In-Laws) learned that I made their daughter stay naked in our apartment, her husband (my FIL) decided it was a great idea and REINSTITUTED at their home as they did in their pre-children days. Yes, like FIL like SIL. Who knew?

She informed me she was initially grateful when we moved in because it gave her an excuse to stop being clothes free at home. Then her husband started insisting she streak in the home after we all went to bed. She expressed her embarrassed apologies about me seeing her, an old woman, in underclothes or naked. All I had to do to avoid seeing her this way was stay in our room after we turned in. My MIL was still slim but had lost her looks. I wasn't attracted to her in any way but I understood the concept of what they were doing.

I told my wife in the morning and this time she finally admitted her mother used to often be in underclothes and sometimes ** when my wife was growing up but her mother stopped at some point. She expressed surprised and disbelief that it started up again and I was seeing her like that.

I soon found out my In-Laws believed I had made my wife stay naked in front of my friends and my brothers when they visited us in our first apartment. It wasn't true but I didn't correct her. I had requested that of my wife but she never followed through with any of that. My MIL brought this up when she was expressing how fearful she was that her husband would eventually make her do that too. Letting their 'perverted' SIL (me) see her naked was their current compromise. She wasn't happy about it but admitted that my presence, since I started courting their daughter, has added a lot of "zest" into their marriage. So... that was a lot to take in.

When I asked my wife about what all she told her parents she justified her lies by stating that she was mad at me at the time and wanted me to look bad. I asked what else she said about us but she wouldn't say.

So that was nearly 30 years ago. My In-Laws still think that my wife is a home nudist and that I swap and share her on occasion. None of which is true. On the other hand, I'll still see my MIL ** at some point almost every time I'm over.

To this day, my FIL and I have never talked about any of this

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My wife

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  • I think it's a matter of comfort level. I dated a woman after college who still lived with her parents. They lived out in the country with woods backing up to their back yard and they had a pool. My gf told me that they swam there ** sometimes (she, her mom, and her older sister) but I brushed it off as a girls' thing and never thought anymore about it.

    One Saturday in August when it was scorching hot and their AC had quit and they couldn't get anyone out there until Monday, her mom talked about going swimming but I didn't have my suit and told her that. She said that I could swim ** if I wanted to and it wouldn't bother them as they planned on it. I'd not done anything like that before and I checked with my gf several times to see if it was ok with her; she said she had hoped I'd be comfortable enough to do it. Her older sister was gone but would be coming home later. "Just relax and meet us out in the pool when you're ready."

    They went on outside and I stood there in the den for ten minutes, pacing back and forth; I thought about leaving...until finally taking a deep breath and stripping naked. I walked down the hall and ran into her older sister, who was fully clothed, standing in the kitchen and filling her water bottle. I froze and she giggled at my response of seeing her...she was not staring but looking at me, not shocked in the least bit. "Taking a swim?" she smiled asked and I nodded, more embarrassed than I'd ever been in my life up to that point. I thought that Laura (my gf) would be mad at me for some reason and accuse me of making a pass at her sister. I know that it sounds ridiculous but it was all new to me. What I learned from that day was that I had a common habit of equating ** with ** and the two aren't always interrelated. When I told Laura about her sister seeing me, she said, "It's not a big deal in our house. We're totally comfortable."

  • It's a confession; don't do as they think we do

  • She doesn't make me any more uncomfortable than the elderly at ** beaches. I still have my home marital preferences and I do understand the concept that they are doing. My occasional showing up still makes them happier. Again, since my FIL and I never talk about this stuff, it is all through the lens of his wife

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