Exposed myself and came in front f mother-in-law

My MIL is pretty attractive, used to be a milf, less so now but looks great for nearly 60. I've always had a thing for her, really wanted to have f***** her but I've never acted upon these feelings. Today though, I had a shower at her house after helping in the garden, my father-in-law went out to get some dinner.

My MIL knocked and came into the room as I was about to get dressed. She started asking me something, so I just dropped my towel and let her take in me standing there naked, d*** hanging proud. I'm not huge by any means but today it was looking good. I then proceeded to give her the most detailed in depth answer so she had to stand there for as long as possible and see me naked. She left as quickly as she could. A few minutes later I walked out and into the study where she was working and on her chair she was more of less eye height with my d***. I spoke to her for about 5 minutes as I stood there, imagining f****** her there and then, as she watched my d*** grow hard in front of her, I was raging hard, even a bit of precum was showing so I quickly left, went back to my room and started to w*** off furiously, I was close to c****** pretty quickly. Then the door open and my MIL walked in about to ask me something but she froze, eyes wide at what I was doing and I could hold it no longer as I just came hard freely, mostly over myself as I stared at her and called her name. She quickly left and has never mentioned it.

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  • So I took it a step further today, my MIL was having a shower, I walked into the bathroom, she tried to cover up, so I just stripped off, my semi getting hard as I look at her. I just said I need to shower too. She dropped her hands and started washing again. I got the shower gel and started rubbing it all over my d*** and started wanking while staring at her. I couldn't stop staring at her massive bush and huge nipples on her big tots that weren't as saggy as I was expecting. I asked her if she wanted to clean my d*** but she refused, so I started wanking hard, I could tell she was excited, I was close. But then she switched off the shower. F*** missed my chance! Then starts to fill the bath! She lies down, spreads her legs as I stood between them. I lost control and shot c** everywhere! All over her, all over the wall. She told me to get out. When will I get to f*** her!

  • Now that is very hot. Woooo I don't know what I would do it it happened to me, (I'm a wife) I love seeing hard ones.

  • My mil occasionally , accidentally , brushes my crotch..... and when we're walking together she Always takes my arm and pulles it to her breast. She's been kissing me on the lips instead of the usual cheek peck. She's in her eighties ..

  • If she's 80, you can f*** her and get a t** w*** at the same time?

  • And still very attractive.....

  • Imagine a good looking son-in-law, standing there with a reasonably muscly body and a big d*** hanging there, inches from your face and then it starts to twitch and move, coming towards you as it grows in length and moves upwards as you see it getting thicker and hard, aiming upwards now, you're looking at it eye to eye ;) and then it's raging hard, throbbing, veins popping, ball sack firm and tight as his c*** starts to ooze a little pre-c**... I wish my MIL just started sucking it there and then....would you?

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