My wife

I met my wife at a place called what’s on tap she got out of the car when I looked at her I fell in love I’ve been in planning relationships for not too many that I could say that they were good I hadn’t had too many good results with relationships but I know this if I ever loved a woman I loved her like no other we had our ups and downs and I left a few times because I got scared didn’t know what to do never had a father figure in my life or someone to show me what the right things to do with the woman as far as being married to me when I was married before I did whatever I wanted This was different I put in my all she says that she’s never cheated on me but I know that’s not true if you’re lately we’re not together we’re divorced I found out that she was running on a dating game yeah where are you go hook ups yeah I love making love to my wife I would’ve did it all the time she broke my heart and I will never be the same I don’t know if I’ll ever want to be with anybody else it’s late in the game just don’t feel like meeting anybody new but I wish she knew I how really felt about her I know that she will never find a man that loves her as much as I do and he kills me every day it bothers my little girl to death that I worry about this woman when she never even treated my little girl that well and I treated her kids like they were my own maybe I’m just the big kid in don’t know any thing else but I know one thing she will never find a man that loves her as much as I did she tore me a port no idea I hope what goes around comes around I hope because she needs it but I think she’s a little h****** the heart sideWhen I first met her I looked at her phone and she had about 500 block calls no I didn’t know what it was for she said it was telemarkers but now I come to think that she was f****** around a long time ago she will never admit it but if someone knows her name is Misty peters was Misty Oliva I would’ve for gave her for anything because I loved her If you knew me you would think I would a lot of people say I would if I gave her because they know me I’m not the same person anymore I would’ve stuck my head until I grew old that’s what I wanted goodbye Misty really broke my heart

Oct 10, 2020

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