The Storeroom

Few years back, I was working at a suitcase retail store. Had this female colleague who was in her mid 30s, married, had average looks and nothing too outstanding bout her. So the store was divided into 2 the main store featuring the main line of products and the smaller store featuring more feminine focused styled bags. So she was the only one manning the store and she was dressed in the blue velvet dress of some sort. After a while working there I realised that she always wear her home clothes whenever she comes in and leaves. That was when I found out she leaves her dress in the store. There was once where we two were the only person left and had to close the store. I accidentally walked in on her while she was changing all she did was yelled and then I left her to her own devices. One day, I was suddenly asked to cover her store cause she was on leave and the main store had enough people. So while I was manning her store, I went into the storeroom to take a break since there were no customers. Lo and behold I found her dress on a hanger with her white inner wear she wears underneath her dress. During that period I was going through a rough time and the only way I could cope with the stress was to m********* or eat. So in the heat, I took her dress and wrapped in around my already hard c*** and started masturbating. Just imagining her f*** my c*** made me go even faster and before you know it I had jizzed all over her dress and inner wear. I had to clean up all the evidence and just nice customers started coming in so I went back to work. This became a norm for me whenever I had to cover her store. So one day she had to leave in afternoon so I volunteered to cover her. Few hours in and when the customers started to die down so I went to into the storeroom to relieve myself. As I reached e**********, the door to the storeroom swung open and she was there back in the store. I couldn’t hold back and blew my load all her pants. In the moment I knew I f***** up and I ran up to her, pushed her into a corner and covered her mouth before she could scream. My semi erect d*** was on her abdomen area and for some godforsaken reason I started to grind against her in that situation. Surprisingly she grabbed my c*** and started to give me a handjob. I moved my hand away from her mouth and started to grope her ass. It got more and more intimate and we started to kiss. She kneeled down and took my c*** into her mouth. With her spit lubricating every inch of my c***, she took it deeper and deeper. Like a beast in heat, I grabbed the back of her head and started ramming my c*** down her throat. It was my first experience with a deepthroat. I had to push her head back as I was about to climax. We changed position. I lifted her up onto a table and started eating her out. She was enjoying it as much as I am seeing how wet she was. I figured it was time so I slowly slid my c*** into her. I don’t know what it was but the though of f****** another man’s wife. We slowly picked up the tempo and within minutes we were going hard at in the a storeroom at the back of a retail store like wild animals. We couldn’t make too much noise as there were other workers in the store beside. Started from Missionary, moved to doggy then to cowgirl and went back into Missionary. As I was bout to pull out and c**, she had her legs locked around me so I went with the flow and ram her hard and I came in her. We cleaned up and had a serious talk bout it after. Turns out her husband wasn’t really having s** with her and felt like she was undesired as a woman and catching me jerking off to her clothes and scent lighted the womanly desire in her. We continued our relationship, f****** each other in the storeroom whenever we can. Few months after, she was pregnant. Her husband didn’t suspect a thing because she would f*** her husband every week or so to hide her affair. Even after I left to get find another job we still kept in contact and every so often she will invite me on the premise of dinner whenever her husband was not in the country. Her husband has never suspected a thing. Recently she brought me on an 4D3N Cruise Trip to Phuket.

Oct 10, 2020

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