My daughter in law is a feeder and I hate it

I love my daughter in law, to clarify, but she is making my son fat and it needs to stop. I looked into this online and apparently it's more common than ppl think, I am 100% sure she is making him fat on purpose. And he either doesn't care or doesn't notice (probably the former).

At first he'd just put on a little weight around the holidays (he's never been perfectly slim but definitely not fat), and would lose it again. But over the last couple of yrs he's not been losing it, and has been getting bigger. We had a family party before lockdown and I noticed her always touching his middle and hips, where he's most tubby, and she is always offering him snacks and seconds.

I tried to talk to him about his health and encourage him to slim down, but he just said "I know" and nothing else. And she also tells me she encourages him to exercise but I just don't believe it. I can't nag him anymore, and it's his life. But it pains me to see him getting out of shape and not caring. I worry for his health (especially if he continues to put on weight)....

Oct 13, 2020


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  • Did you see them for Thanksgiving? How bad is the damage now? How much do you think he weighs now? Bet your son is getting quite fat now if she's still been fattening him since you posted.

  • Relax. She’s just leaving her mark on him. Am I right girls?

  • Why don’t you just leave your son alone? Clearly he is liking his rounder form. And you fighting him on it might make him want to grow even fatter.

  • Updates? Love to hear if your son’s belly is spilling over yet. I’m guessing yes.

  • Any updates to this situation? How much would you estimate your son's weight is now, has he gotten any bigger since you posted this?

    I'm going through something similar with my aunt and her new boyfriend; he's been feeding her a bunch and she's only gotten fatter each time I see her!

  • How much does your son weigh now? Is he still gaining weight?

  • Cut the apron strings for God's sake. He's an adult. Isn't he in charge of his own life and marriage and not you?

  • If she was a feeder he would gain weight rapidly. Not just a little bit every year

  • How much do you think he weighs, at present?

    Some women just like to cook and take care of their man. Not in all cases does this mean she is a feeder.

    But if your son ends up with a huge gut, 300+ pounds and still growing then yeah, your daughter-in-law is definitely a feeder

  • Is your daughter-in-law chubby too? Just a question. She may just be extra
    generous with her helpings. Lots of reasons why some women like to feed their
    men. Not all of them weird or kinky. Some girls think that if they fatten their man up, they won't stray. I have been married to an old school Italian lady for 13 years, ( second marriage for both of us) They're almost offended if you don't at least have seconds. That is in their nature. And they cook soooo gooood!! Not paying attention, I have put on 70-80 pounds in that time. We were both chubby when we met, now their is a whole lot to love. We're not in the best of shape, but we do enjoy out lives together. And yes, my Mother nags at me too,
    she'll never understand that we enjoy our fat bodies. The more to love thing can be very erotic.

  • Greedy f*****.

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