I first met my my wife to be Susan when my first wife was dying of cancer .
I have over the years became a successful.
Over the years we have bought several fixer ups and turned them into rentals and with my sons now old enough to do the work I still did the bidding and paper work but was spending time with Doris but I needed help so I advertised for a live in with some medical back ground.
Susan was young and with a son but she had EMT training so she moved into an upstairs bedroom.
Doris was slipping away slowly and sometimes she was in a lot of pain so I turned all of the work over to Jeff my oldest son and I only did the paper work
I had moved into another bedroom downstairs so she could rest easier and Jerry Susan's son and I became friends and he liked to walk with me when I just had to get out of the house for awhile and Susan would join us for walks at times to and her and I talked .
She sometimes dated but she never stayed out over night with any of her lovers and after several months she came into my bed and we became lovers.
I think Doris ew tis but she never said a word and I wondered if she had set this whole thing up.
Doris lasted another year then she died in her sleep one night.
After the funeral Susan and Jerry had become almost a part of the household and one night when she came into my bed we talked and I asked her to marry me and she accepted.
It was a bit awkward because my oldest son was two years older than she was but surprisingly enough they all accepted her into the family.
I was in my mid 50,s at the time and she was almost 30 .
We were not wealthy but with 4 rentals and my 401-K savings we were nit hurting because Doris had saved money for collage for the two boys that we never used .
Doris and I had gone to the Island of Bimini for our 15 th anniversary so Susan and I decided to go again for our honeymoon.
The Island had no changed much as her and I walked hand in hand on the beach and I felt very smug as other guys watched my wife with envy as Sue strutted her stuff swishing her cute ass back and fourth and he knew what she was doing to she is such a show off,
That evening we had dinner and a couple drinks and wandered around looking everything over until the music started playing.
Sue likes to dance and so do I so we went inside and ordered drinks and danced several times guys would come up and ask her to dance and I watched them dance .
We danced enough and drank slowly to keep from getting drunk but we were having fun until I started getting weird feeling like an upset stomach and the room seamed to be spinning .
I knew that something was wrong we hadn't drank that much and Susan was looking kind of sick to
I remember saying we better go and I stood but it was like I was under water with a weight belt on as I moved around the table to help her to her feet because she couldent stad by herself
I was very confused now and I thought we have been drugged when a guy came over and he was talking but he sounded like he was in a tunnel far away.
My mind was still sharp though he was big and black as he took Susan and helped her to her feet but she couldn't stand so he picked her up and asked where our room was so I gave him our room # and I had to take his arm for support as we made our way to the elevator.
I had never in my life felt this way and I knew that we had been drugged but my mind was clearing up now I just couldn't control my body very well I staggered like a drunk as we made our way down the hall and this guy leaned Sue up against the wall holding her there with one hand as he used our key card to open the door then he picked her back up and carried her to the bed and laid her back and Sue was out of it now one hand across her belly and as limp as a noodle.
I sat back on the love seat unable to move now myself and I watched him I could see his mouth open and I could hear his voice but I couldn't make out what he was saying as he talked to me .
I watched as he unbuttoned her blouse and Sue was completely limp now as he pulled her blouse off and Rolled her onto her side still talking to me but it was only a roar now sounding far off as he unhooked her bra and pulled it off .
Susan fell back her b****** proudly standing there and I thought she is beautiful as he unzipped her skirt and I vaguely thought he is going t f*** her but I was unable to move as I watched him pull her skirt of and and then her panties to she lifelessly let him do whatever he wanted then he pushed her legs apart and began to rub her pubs still talking to me as he pushed one finger into her and slowly finger f***** her licking his finger several times as her juices began to flow
I watched unable to move as he unbuckled his belt a unzipped his pants then he pushed them down and then his shorts and his c*** fell out as he turned to me taking his huge c*** in his hand as stroked it as he talked but my eyes locked on his d*** as it went from being soft and flopping around until it became hard and i remember thinking she cant take that it looked huge 8 or more inches long and almost as thick as her tiny wrist.
His c*** head was enormous as he turned back to my wife and began to rub his c*** head up and down her p**** slit and I could see the shine of her lube on his c*** head as he pushed her thighs farther apart then one black hand reached up and captured one f her b****** and the contrast of her almost pink flesh and his dark hand made me catch my breath as he moved his c*** head between the folds of her p**** lips .
several times he would stop and try to force his c*** head into her then he would move it up and down her slit again as Sue laid there her unresisting body his for his pleasure.
Several times he did this then he pushed it and I watched as his c*** head forced her open and disappeared into her I heard him sigh though as his c*** head out of site inside of my wife now began to move and I heard his moan of pleasure as more of his c*** slipped into my wife unresisting body
His hips began to move now as more and more of his c*** sank into her I watched but I knew that I couldn't do anything and surprisingly I felt no jealousy at all and I was curious to see if she could take that monster c*** all the way.
Once he lifted her legs up across his chest and grabbed her hips and f***** her but her body was to limp and her bent legs began to flop around until he released them and I saw that his c*** was now all the way in my small wife and I felt strangely proud of her.
I don't know how long this lasted but finally he took her hips in his hands and started to f*** her really fast and Sue,s b****** began to dance wildly as he grunted and f***** her harder Susan laid there completely helpless her arms by her side as she was f***** until he cried out and drove his c*** deep into her and I could see his ass cheeks quiver as he came hunching her in spastic thrusts his gasps for breath harsh now as he slowed down his eyes closed and his head thrown back with his c*** still pulsinf his seed into my wife .
I watched as he regained control and his c*** slipped out of Sue followed my several globs of is thick c** then he went into the bathroom and I heard the water running he came out and he never even glanced at me as he went out and turned the light off
I sat there in the dark for I don't know how long but then it was morning and I woke up without any hang over just tired as I stood thee looking at my wife spread legs with her feet off the floor and his dried sperm puddled around her ass and pubic hair.
I fixed some coffee for us and I got some hot water and was washing her off when she woke up.
I explained to her what had happened and she was at first outraged and wanted me to call the police but after we talked about it we agreed not to say anything just so nobody would know that she had been raped.
Several times she has asked me to tell her all about it asking for details mostly bout his c*** size.
I still don't feel any jealousy or anything as a matter of fact now when I think about it I find myself getting aroused .

Oct 13, 2020

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