Is he an idiot.

Well obviously he is an idiot but...Anyway, I am laying in bed last night after drinking all night and my sisters husband comes in, He whispers my name and I didn't want to do anything so I didn't respond, I thought he was coming to wake me up to keep drinking with him or something but he said my name again and once more and then BAM, I felt him squeeze my nipple, Inside I was screaming but I didn't say anything, I felt him pull my tank top down, Squeeze it, Lick it, Suck it. Inside I was like just go away and then I felt him rubbing his c*** on my b****, He rubbed it up to my chin and I was like No, No, No and then he put it on my lips and pressed my chin with his thumb and opened my mouth.
Yuuup that's right, Slid his d*** in my mouth and I was like Ooooohhhhh f***, He slid it back and forth a couple times while squeezing my b**** and then jerked, Groaned and came, I had no choice so I swallowed and he slowly pulled out of my mouth, Kissed my cheek and left. Just like that left me laying there after swallowing my brother in laws load.



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  • Dude that is so fake it is pathetic. But on a tiny chance that happened you should have bitten down hard enough to bite it off and called the police. Wouldn't worry about him, he would be on the ground screaming.

  • Sadly this s*** happens. I have heard far too many stories first hand about stuff like this from the girls it happened to and may even make a post about it.

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