What a crazy weekend.

I spent the weekend with my parents at the lake and one of my mom's friends was there, people were coming and going all weekend, they know a ton of people at the lake, The second night we were all sitting on my parents pontoon boat having drinks and my dad fell asleep in his chair, Mom got pretty drunk and finally said "I better get your dad to bed", She woke him up and they stumbled off up the yard to the house.
I was left sitting on the boat with my moms friend who said "Are you going to bed or do you want one more drink?", I said "yeah, I'll have one more", we sat talking and I admit I was checking her out a little, It was hot as b**** that night and She's not bad for an older broad, 51, brunette, a slimmer build with a nice look to her, Medium sized b**** and a bit of a thicker bum but it looks good on her build. She has been divorced for 6 years and I always kind of had a small crush on her, We talked and whatnot and then she bent over to grab another beer out of the cooler, I leaned over to check her out in her bikini and could see the outline of her camel toe.
She turned to hand me a beer and caught me looking, She stood up and turned around, sat back down and there was an awkward couple seconds before she said "So...?", I said "Sorry", She ran her fingers through her hair and I said "I have always had a crush on you", I knew she was drunk and I thought what the h***, I'd bang a milf. She said "Ooohh my S***, Uh yeah lets not go there", I was already half hard from checking her out and just flopped my c*** out the leg of my trunks, She looked right at it and then looked around and said "Ahem, uh you should...Put that away" I said "I could put it somewhere else" and she looked at me with her eyebrows up and said "And where would that be?", I said "In you", She shook her head and said "Ahem, yeah, Not gonna happen".
I decided to go for it and stood up in front of her, The moon was out in full force and everything was pretty well lit so she had a full view as I pulled down my trunks, She leaned back and said "S***, No", I said "Just a little suck...Please", she looked around and said "I don't" and I just put my hand on the back of her head and she just leaned forward and started sucking me. I was not gonna last long, Man she is a pro...I don't know what she was doing but she was working it so I pulled out and started pulling strings on her bikini until I had her laying on the floor of the boat on a towel. She has a big, Wet p****, She is a little darker skinned and her p**** lips are brown and big meaty lips, When she spread them she was pink inside and I slid my d*** in her.
She moaned a little and grabbed her top putting it in her mouth and biting it, She is not tight but I must be big enough to hit the right spots because she was loving it, I had her big ass in my hand and was pounding her, B**** slapping on her wet p**** as I hammered as deep as I could, I slid a finger in her bum and she didn't seem to mind, Her big, brown t****** were flopping with their smallish brown nips hard as rock and then she came, She grabbed my hips, Pulled me into her and wrapped her legs around my waist, she came so hard and I am almost certain she took a bite out of her bikini top.
I didn't want to ruin the moment and probably couldn't have lasted much longer anyway so I hammered her a few more times and came deep inside her, When I finished she got a little embarrassed and wiped up with the towel sitting on the floor of the boat with her legs spread, I said "Everything ok", She said "Uuhh no...", I said "Why?", She said "Where do I start...Uh...I just f***** my friends son...without a condom...I don't even know what just happened, Did I F'ing squirt or what was that and..." I said "And...?" She looked at me and said "Annnd...you came inside me, Not cool, this is bad, Real bad".
She wiped up and mopped the floor of the boat with the towel and got her bikini back on, I tried to talk to her but she bolted for the cabin, I went inside after a bit and went to her door, I was going to knock but didn't and just went to bed, The next day she avoided me like the plague, Like stayed at completely opposite ends of the boat, Made sure we were never alone for 2 seconds and went to bed early. The next day I went dirtbiking at the gravel pit and seen the golf cart coming down the road, I stopped and she pulled up, she started talking about how bad what we did was and I just kept moving closer to her. In less than 5 minutes I had her bent over sucking and pulling on her big dangly p**** lips and then f***** her and came inside her again.
The next day she went home early and we went home the day after that, I have been sneaking over to her her house and f****** her bareback and dumping as many loads in her as I can for just over a month now. Meh, Whatever, She likes to f*** and so do I so....

Oct 21, 2020

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