Attracted to step son

Im 31. Ive been in a long term relationship with an woman. She had 2 kids before we met. An 8 year old boy we can call Adam and a 14 year old girl we'll call Meg.

I been an unofficial step dad to them for almost 10 years. I say unofficial because i haven't adopted them. Recently, the wife and i havent had much success being intimate. Im having a difficult time keeping a h******.

Im catching myself looking at this now 24 year old girl and 18 year old boy in sexual ways. She's grown up quite well. Very attractive. And the boy, same.

Adam and his 19 yo girlfriend were in the shower the other night, so i grabbed the ladder from the garage and propped it under the bathroom window. They both got out. His girlfriend all wet, she begins to dry off. Nice C cups, little pudge on her. And then he steps out. My jaw drops. Hes hung like a g****** horse. Jesus. I just thought about falling to my knees and ramming it down my throat. Meanwhile there's a completely naked girl that I'm also spying on that isnt my stepson. Hes tall, dark skin latino, 6 pack. Very clean. His d*** is big and it ain't even hard. I can only imagine what it would feel like in my mouth as it gets hard. He eats pretty healthy, i can only imagine what his c*m tastes like. His GF is gorgeous too but I'm hardly looking at her. Just watching this young man like a creep in the corner of the window. But i was so turned on by now. I'm wanking on top of a ladder in pajama pants outside my house to my step son. Is it wrong? Is it immoral? Sure. But isnt that what taboo is all about.

Since then im fantasizing about his huge d*** filling up my mouth. Dropping his pants as i fall to my knees and slide it in. Reaching around him pulling him closer as i gag on him. I'm rock hard right now as i type this.

I just dont want to ruin our relationship, im close and all with him but we've never really bonded like i have with Meg. I know i know, it doesn't make it right.

Should i drop hints? Or just keep it fantasy. I just want it so bad but ive held off the urges. But man, they're primal. Part of me just wants to call him down the basement and do it right now. Never really been attracted to a man before but i know its "normal" to think about sucking on a d***.

Oct 21, 2020

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