Help each other out ( mother in law )

Hi all . Well I’ll start from the beginning !.
I’ve always fancied the mother in law.
She 64 , blonde , 32 d b****** and always tanned . She In good shape fare play .
Anyway . I’ve had no ends of wanks thinking about her . .
Me and the wife work shift and sometime we like passing ships . I’m afternoon and her days .
The mother in law would always turn up at 10am every morning. Pop in for a cuppa and a chat . I’ve always got on well with her and had a good crack .
Like I said earlier I’ve had loads of wanks thinking 🤔 of her .
It’s was a Friday morning and I woke up with the usual h****** . look at the clock 9:35 . I thought do I have a quick w*** before the mother in law pops in .
F*** it I thought let do it . I was there getting in a nice place lol . Feeling h**** as h*** and there was a knock on the door and the it was the mother in law . I shouted it’s open . Put the kettle on . By this time I was throbbing thinking she down there and I’m wanking my brains out thinking of her .I don’t know what come over me but I had this stupid idea . Armed with nothing more than my hard c*** . I got up off the bed , walked straight down the stairs and into the kitchen. Totally naked with my hard c*** in hand . She had her back to me doing the tea . I stood there as said will you give me a hand with this please. She turned around and the look on her face was priceless. NO I B***** WANT . She said . But by this point I was throbbing like h*** and just stood the wanking myself off in front of her . She just stood there looking and said there something wrong with you . By now I was wanking for Wales . I just came out and said I’d love you to suck my c*** . That’s was it . I shout my lord everywhere. All over the floor. But that time my c*** stopped ruling my head and I sheepishly went up stairs to clean myself up . I was just about to come down and tell her how much of a dull t*** I was 😳. All I heard was the front door slam . F*** f*** f*** . What have I done . What if She tells the wife .
I spent three days worrying about this ! .
By that time I was working days and rang the wife from work and she said her mother as been on the phone . 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Yeah I said s******* myself. She want you to pop down and put some shelve up . Ok tell her I’ll pop down after work . So off I went thinking she going to kill me now . But she didn’t say one word about it . Told me where she wanted shelve and made me a cuppa. I’d finish the job and drunk my tea. Put all my tools away . I said I’ve finished now ok . She was in the kitchen and came out and said LOOK what was all that about the other day . I was just about to Say SORRY and she just came straight out and said . You help me and I’ll help you ok . YES YES i said . Thinking what’s going on here . WELL she said you done my shelve ! So come on get him out 😳😳. So I sheepishly pulled my joggers and boxer down . She walked straight over and started wanking my c*** . I just couldn’t believe what was happening and I was hard within 30seconds . She was very good at it I must say as with in 2 minutes I shot my load all in her hand . There you go she said did you enjoy . Smiling for ear to ear . I loved it I said . Well you help me and I’ll help you she said . I you can guess I’ve done loads of work for her and things have more on a little for the hand job ( treat) .
She lets me f*** her t*** and shout my load on them . But no matter how hard I try she will not let me f*** her ☹️. This happened about 20 years ago and still to this day . I’ve got loads of stories about her . I drive her to B&Q and she would w*** me off in the car . Talk dirty to me while she doing it . I cannot stop thinking about her . I phone her up while wanking telling her what I’d love to do to her . I know it’s wrong and we should stop . But my c*** Is ruling my head . I love my wife to bits and she a great woman. But I love the trill of the mother in law.

Oct 22, 2020

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  • That's cute. I understand your trip

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