I can't stand my husband's kid

He's smelly. He is covered in acne. He is addicted to videogames thanks to his worthless, idiotic ** of a mother.

My husband's son is arrogant, smug, rude and entitled. He's also a sexist pig!

I told my husband his kid has to leave at 18. But my husband is a wimp when it comes to SS. I know I will have the worst fight on my hands.

We almost never fight unless it's about his flawed offspring and his idiot ex wife. I already disengaged but it's not quite enough.

My husband is only too willing to throw me under the bus, let his rage onto me but acts like rainbows come out of his son's ** no matter what.

Why have I done this to myself? I have done so much for that awful teenager only for it to be thrown in my face!

Next Confession

The band photographer Jeremy Saffer is a **

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  • Also How Is He Sexist

  • Lets Go Down The List Smelly: You Probably Smell Bad To Him Acne:Who Gives A ** He Might Have Been Born With It Video Games: He's Not Hurting Anyone And It Seems Like Nobody Likes Him Show Him Some Love And Not Mindlessly Hate Him Also Video Game Addiction Is Stupid There Is No Such Thing As TV Addiction Because Boomers Accept TV But Not Video Games

  • I will make this short and sweet as I could write a book on why being a step-parent to teenagers is ** on earth that NOONE can prepare you for. I will just say that I HATE my two (yes, two..😐) teenage stepkids! One is a "pothead", and one thinks that the world revolves around her and her WANTS. Mom at her own admission coddled them after the divorce 10 years ago and has enabled them to become the screwed up kids that they are. I have ZERO say in their upbringing so I just sit back and watch the DAILY chaos that permissive parenting causes. Maybe our marriage will last until they leave home, maybe it wont. Either way I never thought I could "hate" anyone but I have grown to hate these teenage misfits. Thank you for giving me a place to "vent" without judgement. We all (step'parents) need that from time to time.

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