Lap dancing step daughter

I got back from the pub probably a bit p***** and my stepdaughter 17 asked for £20 I joked yes sure but you will have to earn it by lap dancing. To set the scene I get on really well to the point he mum says I prefer her! Which is absolute nonsense I just have a laugh with her.
Anyway she did dance and omg it what so hot to the point I told her to stop. Two weeks on her mum was out again and Becky said I’ll dance again for £20 so I said okay. She had those leggings on which leave little to the imagination to the point I got hard and Becky said your enjoying this to much so we quickly stopped.

This had now left me looking at Becky in a total different way in the fact I just want to f*** the a*** off her which I reckon she would- help what do I do

Oct 24, 2020

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  • What a load of bull crap

  • The only way to help yourself is to stop lying about all this and block the site on your comp so you don't get tempted to come here again and lie some more, hope this helps you have a good day and better tomorrow troll

  • Then you woke up

  • Yes I bet a sexy 17 ur old dancein for you big turn on. Is she blonde.

  • She does not exist

  • I had heard about new people getting initiated but never thought about it. I had just finished when 6 of the staff came in and asked if I had settled in, I said yes, they said it was hot day and as I was sweating a bit I should take my shirt off to cool down, I said I was finished and would be fine, I was a bit uncomfortable as they were female, kept smiling and laughing, I said I was due to finish soon and would have a shower when I got home. One of them said save your water and electric have shower at work, I said I was ok, and that I didn't have a towel anyway, as I turned around I was grabbed and laid on floor, my shirt ending up under my armpits and jeans dangerously low down hips, they carried me out into back yard removing trainers and socks on the way, one of them unbuttoned my shirt on the way too, in yard shirt promptly got taken off as I was getting lowered to floor, at same time I saw hosepipe getting unwound, my pleas not to take my jeans off were naturally ignored, resulting in me on ground in just my skimpy briefs and a very unwelcome bulge inside them, when they saw that I was stood up and had my p**** and b**** groped by each of them, along with graphic comments about my briefs not fully covering my a*** and my crack being on show, then I was tied to fence and drenched with hosepipe from head to toe, and briefs literally ripped off and thrown in bin,then p**** given constant attention and masturbated to point of e********** several times, kept like that for ages before getting untied and being given clothes back minus briefs of course, very red faced day

  • TL;DR probably fake and written by the OP tsk

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