I have hybristophilia and I have a huge crush on Ted Bundy... Is this wrong? I find him very attractive but since he was a serial killer, I find that so hot and I want to f*** the living s*** out of him. Not just Ted Bundy but any serial killer.



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  • Because it has a name doesn't make it legit. Get over it! Have some one slap the sh it out of you before you grow comfortable in your stupidity.

  • You are dumb

  • How?

  • Bc u think ur special and u srsly arent

  • I don't but ok

  • I love how the younger generations are experts at things like spelling out obscure medical conditions but are too stupid to cook their own dinner without experiencing major trauma

  • Well you have to dig him up to have s e x with him.

  • I know😂

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