An Older Woman

I was doing house chores for a neighbor lady for extra money. I was 12. She was kind of plush, wore loose clothes or just a robe. Always had a drink in her hand. I was in my shorts stage. She was always commenting on how pretty I was. I was digging out a closet and came across a box her ex husband's p***. She pulled it out and dumped it on the bed asked me if I ever looked at that kind of thing. I was kind of sheltered but not too sheltered. She said she liked looking at the girls more. Asked me if I did too. From there she just got more personal. She gave me some clothes she bought for me, kind of sexy lingerie stuff and wanted to see me in them. She said it was fun to play dress up with me like we were sisters or best girlfriends. it wasn't long until she started pushing me towards more intimacy. I kind of let her, but was also a little weirded out. She was soft and warm. I learned a lot.

Oct 30, 2020

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  • I do see way my wife looks at her friend young turkish husband n at times turns me on . one night we drunk n playing i blindfolded her n was sliding d**** in her p**** u thinking its another guy .donu want me to yes . so we playing n i said i know who ur think of . n i love it . its tiki .isnt it . yes it is .u want him dont u . yes .i want u to have him to . yeah . as i played with her she told me she nonstops thinks of him inside her n love it . ..we

  • Tell us how it continued

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