How I met my wife

This was back in the 80's. I was leaving my favorite bar win this younger girl walk up to me and told me that her ride had left her her and ask if I could give her a ride home. So we got in my van. I asked her whare she lived. She started telling me what to go. Out on the edge of town is a old oil well rode she asked me to turn on it as soon as the van was out of sight of the man road she asked me to stop. I look over at her in the moon light I could see her shirt open at the top and I could see to small b**** the look nice. She smiled and told me that she had never did this before but really wanted to. So we got in the back of the van she was laying on an old blanket but naked. She was so sexy. I got on top of her and kisses her on the mouth. At first she she seems shock and told me to go slow it's her first time. So we kiss for a while she got good with her tung really fast. So thin I moved down her chest licking both nipples thin moving down to her pussycat. She was so tight I could barely get my tung in her. She loved my trying thow. She came 3 times off my tung. After the that I moved up and kissed her again. I worked my d*** in to her as soon as it stands in I pushed in hard I got half way in win she dug all her nails in to my back and she cried out right in my ear. I stopped still pushing down some on her pussycat she was breathing fast. As her breathing slow I started moving in and out. After she started to relax I gave a big push and her nails was in my back again. My d*** was all the way in now I thought we might be stuck together she was so tight. We f*** most of the night. After a bit she got looser to the point where I could get in and out but just barely. She told me she was on the pill so I nuted in her every time. She got really good at riding me to. Later that night or morning I finally got to the point where I could get hard any more. I got my stash out from under the seat and we start smoking. She told me that her sister had drop her off at that bar and told her not to come back until she got f*****. After we talked and smoke some more. I finally got hard again. I had her set on my lap and ride me I love looking in her sexy blue eyes. After we came again we land down together and I held her as we went to sleep. The next day I woke up and she was still in my arms. I was laying there think about how sexy she is. After a few minutes i look around the van and seen a card laying on the floor next to her pants. I picked it up and read it. This woke her as soon as she notes what I was reading she grabbed it out of my hands and stuff it back in her pocket. Thin she asked how much of it I read. She had trund bright read. I Replied with 11. She replied with its a old id thin with shame in her eyes sead yes I'm 11. Thin she started to apologise for not telling me her age. I started her with my tung in her mouth after we kiss I wispered in her ear that she may only be 11 but she the best f*** I have had. She looked up at me with a big smile. I asked her if she was ready to go again and how she wanted it. She said yes and I wonted to be on top. She gave me a h*** of a ride thin I took her home she only live one block down from me. on the way she was telling me that her parents was on vacation and let her sister watch her and her sister's boyfriend had cam over is y she was drop off there. As we pulled in the driveway her sister looks out the window to see ho it was. She looks at me an said let's do it again in the front seat this time. So we did I leat her rid me again. I could see her sister watch out the window as we f*** in front of her. After we f*** even time she could sneak out . Some times she would bring me her friend who wonted to try but that stop win she trund 14 and ask if we could date

Nov 5, 2020

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  • Imagine if your mum and dad was reading this!

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