Which do you like better?

They're both British, and they both started out around the same time, but which girl group do you like better . . . . . . . . Bananarama or Spice Girls??
Myself, I like Bananarama. For one thing, they aren't smug like the Spices. I mean, both sets of girls are hot AF, but the bananas look like real women, not plastic dolls, and also have cooler, hipper music.

Nov 6

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  • Amanda Cosgrove and her blond girlfriend on icarly I would have given anything to be in a room alone with them they would be screaming in pleasure as i make sure to bust inside them both plenty of times i want a baby with them both dreams

  • I def like spice Girls best

  • I have always loved Spice Girls! The Bananas are good, to be sure, but the Spices got the groove, the glitter, and the glamour!!!

  • I have two words for all you . . . . . . .


  • Its lame now I know but in the 1980s me and my friends did a lip sink to Cruel Summer at our middle school's talent show and we dressed and danced like Bananarama from their video . . . . . AND WE WON!

  • They were a little before me but gimme The Supremes and that Motown vibe, oh yeah . . . .

  • I'll go for Martha and the Vandellas!!

  • I'm an old guy (63) but I loved the Spice Girls and I even still do. I liked Bananarama pretty much, but I bought all the Spice records. I wish they would tour again. I fact, I think it would be so cool if the Spice Girls would tour with Bananarama AND The Bangles!!! And throw in my fave . . . . . Natalie Merchant!!! Natalie is just the best!!!

  • Add the Go-Gos to that touring combination and you would have a super monster!! OH, YAH, BABY!

  • It's Spice Girls for me. All my friends at school and me dressed like them when we could, and we would lip sing all there songs all the time. They were all cool all the time. I loved Gerri completely.

  • They didn't start at the same time lol. But I choose Bananarama

  • Bananarama (1979), Spices (1994)

  • Yep, close enough. I will take Bananarama for $400, Ken.

  • Think she said around same time, still....

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