Mrs. Thompson

I was thinking the other day about when I used to stay at my friends place when we were younger and spy on his parents doing the dirty and I mean dirty.
After he was sleeping I would sneak out of his room and go to his parents room, The first time it happened I could hear them doing it and wanted to see if I could see them so I actually crawled out the basement window and went to their window, I could see in the side of the curtains. His mom was a chubbier woman, Not fat, Don't get me wrong just chubby, Smallish chubby woman b**** and a chubby butt.
When I got to the window he was just going down on her but I couldn't see much except her laying on her back on the bed, He p**** was facing away from me but my friends dad had her legs up and was licking her which completely blocked my view. After a couple minutes he stood up and wiped his face and she sat up, A little bit of a roll on her mid section but not terrible and when she sat up her b**** actually looked not awful. She started sucking buddies dads d*** and he grabbed her head and held her there while he came so she must have swallowed it. She was not a woman I would say I ever fantasized about but she was always just his mom up to then. I rmember her driving us to town the next day (They lived on a farm) I was in the back seat behind the passengers seat and I kept staring at her b**** jiggling going down the rough gravel roads all the way to town.
The next time I watched her ride him and actually got to watch her have an o*****, They were quite an active couple in the bedroom and I probably spied on them 20-30 times, they would get a little dirty and he would bend her over the bed and thumb f*** her ass once in a while or she would swallow his load, His dad wasn't a real big guy, Kinda short and ripped from working on the farm all his life but I remember he always had a rock hard rod on him, Not super big but I still remember thinking he looked like he was excessivley hard.
I only remeber watching her take it in the ass one time but it stands out in my mind, they were going at it and he rolled her over and tossed her salad, At the time I am sure I looked like a cartoon character with my eyes bulging out, She shoved a pillow under her hips and he spread her butt, I was like (Whoa...WTF is this) and then he was right in there, I kept watching her face and she was loving it but her look went from love to concern to pain when he quit licking her butt, Got up behind her and as he started working his d*** into her ass she was not so much enjoying it anymore. Once he was in she had her one hand underneath her I assume working her c*** and the other one was scrunching up the sheets as she grimmaced, Once he was in and pumping she got a much more pleasurable look on her face.
I am pretty sure I dumped a couple loads outside their window that night, I got to see her p**** lots, T*** tons, probably 4-5 times she was on her hands and knees with her butt facing the window and I remember thinknig she had a cute little pink butt hole, She had a nice, Actually small fuzzy little p****, I watched her swallow tons of loads and she didn't always get it all in her mouth, Sometimes they would get a little messy, I wouldn't say a facial but for sure messy.
Over the years I probably killed the grass outside their window standing there dumping loads lol.

Nov 10, 2020

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  • Wow! That story made me so WET. I wonder if any of my sons friends watched me and my hubby in the bedroom. I hope they did.

    If so, I wish they would have made some advances on me or let me catch them so I could have given them a private lesson

  • THAT sounds like your a fun woman. The only thing close to that was when I was young, my mother needed to go to an appointment without me so she dropped me off to stay with an older friend of hers. The woman had known me since I was born and had sat for me many times. Well... When she caught me in her bedroom looking thru her parties drawer, she asked me if I liked them. I told her yes and that my mother allowed me to wear hers. She laughed and said "Well then... Let's find a pair of mine that you like and you can wear them too. She helped me change while playing with my "Little Soldier" as she called it and she definitely knew what she was doing..! She had me laying on her bed and went to work on my "soldier" she asked if my mother ever took care of me this way... I knew that I wasn't supposed to say anything but then she said "You don't need to say anything sweetie, I can tell by looking in your eyes the answer is yes... I immediately FINISHED and she giggled as I did. Later that night my mother told me that Elizabeth had told her what happened and that it was okay. She laughed out loud when I asked if she could let me visit Elizabeth more often and said "Elizabeth told me that you were welcome to visit anytime you wanted so I guess you two will be seeing one another again soon.." Elizabeth and I became much closer and eventually my mother asked her if she would be willing to take my virginity. My mother said that she told her that she had thought about that very thing so that weekend I stayed with her and I'll never, ever forget it. While Elizabeth was old enough to be my grandmother, she became my lover and she taught me all a young man needed to know about how to please a woman. I'll never forget her and I miss her terribly. All of the above is true.

  • What a lucky guy you were

  • Wow! Elizabeth was one luck lady

  • I believe that I was luckier than she. Elizabeth taught me well and I was a good student because I listened to everything that she said...!

  • Wow! Want another lesson?

    I’m 49 mother of 3. I’m 5 foot 10 long dark brown hair. My measurements are 38- 32-40. My breast squeeze into a C cup and are a bit saggy after breastfeeding 3 kids. My kids are 19, 17 and 13.

    I need a young hard c***. I love to teach young men how to treat a lady and make her scream for more

  • I am ready how can i talk to u

  • How old are you? I’m not a pedi, but I do enjoy providing young men some experience. Where are you from?

  • Why not train your sons? Nobody's going to know.

  • My two younger kids are girls. I’ve fantasized about training their husbands.

    As for my son, no. No way. But I have had the occasion to get to know a couple of his friends

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