My step mom parties

I moved out into my own place last year, We attended a family funeral recently and I stayed at my dad and step moms because I had a few too many drinks to drive home, My step mom was plastered and dad was pretty drunk also, I was laying in bed and heard some noise that sounded like dry heaving, I got up and went to the bathroom, My stepmom was on her knees with her dress around her waist praying to the porcelain gods.
She is a woman who in her younger years would have been a total smoke show, Not a done up barbie doll type but the girl you see with zero makeup and want to f***, Now she is a bit older (48) but she just has that look and you know that at one point in time....Anyway she is not tall but above average height for a girl I would say, Maybe 5'8" ish decent build, A little on the chubby side but she has a lot of boobage, I had never seen them before and as I looked into the bathroom she had her bra on but I could tell they wanted out and one was right on the verge.
I stepped back a little as she sat up, She sat on her knees and moaned "Ooohh f*** me" and breathed heavy, she put her elbow on the toilet seat and rested her head on her hand moaning "ooohhhh", I slipped back into the darkness of the hallway as she stood up holding the counter to steady herself, She turned and sat on the toilet moaning "uuuuggghhh fuuuuck". She was slumping forward and breathing heavy and then she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, I thought to myself (Well, I normally wouldn't be overly interested but it's worth taking a look), She grabbed her bra and took it off setting it on the counter and scratched her b**** all over, She put her elbows on her knees and rested her face on her hands moaning and groaning.
She sat like that for a few minutes, Her b**** hung down like a stretchy bag half full of sand with a big ball at the bottom and just stretchy skin up from there but they are actually larger than I thought just really saggy. Big ole wrinkly nips and just overall some nice older b****. She sat there for a couple minutes and I assume because I havent been there in a long time she never really thought about it but she lifted her hips, Pulled her dress and panties down and sat back down, She kicked her dress off and I listened while she peed, Watched her wipe and thank goodness thats all she did.
She sat there for a minute and I couldn't really see much with her elbows on her knees and arms covering her b**** but then she stood up, I had a full frontal view of her and...Not too bad, Big bush but...She's older, Saggy b**** but...She's older, Honestly the rest was not at all bad, She walked toward the door and I stepped back into my room, She stepped into the hallway and had one arm in the bathroom fumbling for the light switch, Her bum is round and jiggly, A little cellulite but overall nice, She shut off the light, Took a deep breath and moaned "Uh uh" turned the light back on and stood there wobbling, She was using her left hand making motions like she was telling someone "Nope, Wait, Stop" and then she went back into the bathroom, She swung the door shut but her dress stopped it from closing and that was when I got a show.
She got down on her knees and leaned over the toilet, I sneaked right up to the door, I was right there standing maybe two feet away from her feet, I crouched down and could see it all, She has a big looking puss, Like looks like she would have no problem taking a big d***, Some dark inner l**** hanging out and a very nice brown back door, Some hair all the way to the rear entrance but...She's older, I watched her as she gagged and dry heaved and its actually kind of funny how much a womans p**** moves when she is dry heaving, She whimpered "Oh god" and the sound is what I figure she would sound like having s**.
She whined "Oooohhhh I just wanna puke", I moved to the other side of the door and could have reached in and shoved a finger in her ass from where I was but obviously didn't, Instead I thought how I could make this even better, I opened the door and it hit her foot, She said "Ooch" and moved her foot, She kinda looked back and said "I don't feel good", I was kinda freaked out but I said "Do you want help to bed?", She nodded her head and I helped her up, Put her arm around my neck and my arm around her ribs, Her right b*** was touching my hand and I cupped it, Yup, Cupped her big soft b*** as we walked.
As I helped her into bed I made sure to run my hands over her bush, Her bum which is actually kind of firm, and her saggy ole b****. I put her to bed, Went and ran one off in the bathroom and went to bed, Next morning she got up and came to the kitchen in shorts and a tshirt, Wet hair and obviously with no bra, She sat across the table from me, She looked at me and said "you're early", She yawned and I said "I stayed in my old room last night", She kind of looked up and said "Huh?", I said 'Yeah", She closed her eyes and scrunched up her face and said "You stayed here last night?", I said "Yeah, I drank too much to drive home", She cleared her throat and looked up at the cieling then at me and said "You were...Here, Like came home with us?", I nodded and she bit her bottom lip, Nodded her head and said "All night?", I nodded and she said "Did you hear me puking?", I nodded and she said "Did you get up?", I nodded and she said "f***".
She nodded her head and said "Uh, I got up an hour ago and went and cleaned up my clothes from the bathroom floor when I showered" I nodded and she said "Uh, So...Uh, Did you see me?", I nodded, She said "F***", I just shrugged and said "Don't worry about it...It's fine", She just nodded her head and then said "Uh, How long was I in there?", I said "Oh I don't know, I got up and came to check on you and then went back to my room and came back a while later then helped you to bed", She said "Oh good, You...Helped me to bed...So you seen...Everything?", I said "Well...There was a lot more to see when you had your face in the toilet" and I felt my face get hot and knew I was blushing, She looked at me and scratched her head, I said "Don't worry about it...It's not the first one I have seen", She just shook her head and said "I don't need to know", She says "So you helped me into bed...Great...Uh...Let's never mention this anyone", I agreed and she wandered off back to the bedroom, I didn't see her again before I left half an hour or so later but it was a good night for me lol.

Nov 13, 2020

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  • You know she was hoping you would follow her into the bedroom.

    You missed your chance

  • I am pretty sure I knocked up my step moms sister 5 years ago, She got s*** housed one night and passed out on our couch, I was 16 and slipped it in and gave her a load...Her kid looks a lot like I did as a kid.

  • One of my moms friends drank way too much at their 40th anniversary, I think she was around 59 or 60. She was passed out face down in the bathroom, I pulled her panties down and jerked a load on her from behind then cleaned her up with a facecloth. Gotta love those old tramps when they drink too much.

  • My mum drank too much one Xmas Eve. I had sexual intercourse with her, once on the living room floor, and twice on her bed. About 2 o'clock in the morning, I went to her room again. I put my p**** in her mouth and started thrusting. Mum woke up. She bobbed her head back and fore until I spunked off in her mouth. Mum swallowed all my love-juice.

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