Pushing boundaries.

So my best friend since college, My person, My confidant asked me a question, Her husbands 35th birthday coincides with their 10th anniversary so it's kind of a double milestone and she wanted to do something special, Immediately when she started talking I said "Oh I uh...I am flattered but I don't think so", She looked at me sideways and then started laughing and said "No, No, No not a...3 way", I was so relieved but not ready for what she did want, She said "I was thinking, You know how he always wants to video tape me and take pictures of me and so on?", I nodded my head yes and she said "Well, I was thinking...Would Yoooouuuu...Video tape us?". I sat and stared at her and she laughed saying "I don't know what you are thinking", I said "What the f***, Like me video tape you two getting it on?", she told me she was thinking like a short, scripted home made movie and I was like "Yeah...Uh...No...I don't think so".
Well a bottle or two of wine later and I had agreed to video tape my best friend and her husband getting it on, 3 weeks went by and the day I had been dreading arrived, I am divorced, I should mention that so there is no issue there but I showed up at their house and he had no Idea, I showed up in a pair of loose cotton short, tank top and bra, That was my normal outfit and that's just what I had on when I left the house. So we are sitting ther having a glass of wine, I am all sweaty and nervous and she is nervous and he is just hanging around all calm because he has no idea, After two glasses of wine she says "Ok, Well either we d it now or I am going to start getting drunk", I say "Maybe we should just do that" and she giggles and playfully punches me.
She loudly says "Oh hey, Come here I want to show you my new bathing suits", I awkwardly say "Ohok, That will be fun" and even she looked at me like "WTF", I shrug and follow her into the bedroom and she closes the door, She gives me the video camera she had charged up and gotten ready and she quickly stips down and put her hair in pig tails then gets into a short denim skirt and a white tank top. My best friend is THE definition of a hotty, Short, Cute, freckle faced, B-cups blah blah aaaaaannnnnnddddd she got braces at 32 so it just topped off the look completely. Even I looked at her and was like "Whoa, Holy crap you look 16", She laughed and said "Yikes, I am not sure if that is a good thing or not" and we both giggled.
She told me to stand in the closet and she called him, When he came into the room she was sitting on the bed with a book and looked up, I was recording and she started into her script. It only took him a minute to realize what was happening and he totally got into it. He seen me and focused on her, She lays down on her stomach with her chin on her hands and says "I know you're my step dad but I have never seen a d*** before" in my head I am like (Oh my god, Were you a p*** star before I met you?) and he totally went into character, they say a few lines and he undoes his pants, She had told me before that he was big and he is a big guy, Tall, Well built etc. so I had always figured he probably was but when he flopped that frickin monstrosity out I was a little shocked, I have seen my share and he had them all beat easily.
She had her hand around his shaft and I couldn't believe it, She couldn't wrap her hand completley around it, She is a small girl with small hands but still, It looked massive in her hands and when she pulled him toward her and put it in her mouth OOOOHHHH shiiiiit, He is circumsized and she could only get the k*** and up to the line where it changes color in her mouth and was struggling with that. I knew this was going to be a bit awkward and there may even be some issues with my level of...Interest or arousal but whoa, Watching her suck his c*** I felt a rush of warmth then a tingle run through my body and I instantly regretted not wearing underwear that morning.
She called "Cut" and laughed, I was like "Huh?, What?" and she stopped everything to set up the next scene, She quickly told him what to do, Told me what to do and she started, I am not a shy person at all and I have seen her and other girls naked tons but HOLY F, I started getting into my camera person job and I was on my knees besice the bed, I was leaning over him, Leaning over her, Leaning right in getting closeups. We basically spent the afternoon getting just the right angle, The right shot and that poor guy...He was hard for no s***, over two hours.
She is on her back, Him going down on her and his huge d*** swinging back and forth and I just wanted to grab it and suck on it but then she flips a leg over his head, gets on her knees, Spreads them wide and he starts licking her from behind and then licks her butt, I almost dropped the camera but I got it all back in place and got in close, Apparently this is not the first time because he is right in there licking her, Rubbing her c*** with his thumb and she is loving it, He gets up behind her and I am like "Oh my god, Is he going to put that huge d*** in her butt" Luckily for her he didn't, He did however put his hand on my back and bring me in low and close as he held his shaft and worked that big, Beautiful k*** into her, I just wanted to throw the camera and grab his shaft and feed it into her, Oh man I was so h****, He was touching my bare back and she moaned loud as he slid it in She was reaching back rubbing her c***, Moaning and I could tell she was almost there, I have never watched another girl climax before in real life but it is quite erotic and of course she does it perfectly, Why wouldn't she, No weird faces, No spurting vulgarities just perfect little moans and "Oh baby I am coming, I am ciming" and she did, For real, I seen it all over him, A few seconds later he whispered and asked where she wanted him to finish, She said she would swallow and he pulled out, She rolled over, He got over her face and I got on my knees beside the bed beside her face, He made sure to stay back so she couldn't put it right in her mouth and I watched, I literally watched the sperm come out of his huge d*** and shoot into her mouth.
Yeah so I f***** up, Bad, I couldn't help myself and as he gave in and let her start sucking it I let go of the camera and he took it out of my hand taping her up close and I came, Right there on my knees, Thighs clenched and one hand down my shorts with one finger between my lips tickling my button. Oh god what a s*** show, I moaned "Hoooo, Hooo, Fuckkkkk no" and came...Like never before came, F*** me, I came and started crying, Not like ugly crying but I had tears and I sat down on the floor, Legs spread and rubbed myself as I came, Of course he video'd the whole thing and I made my crotch of my shorts visibly wet, Like embarassingly wet and she had to give me something to change into.
I fled the scene once I put on her sweat pants and went home, That was when I ugly cried, I can't tell you why but I couldn't stop, I cried then I masturbated thinking about him then I cried out of guilt probably that time and now I feel awful every time I touch myself because I only think of him, I haven't spoken to her yet and it has been two days and I am scared to talk to her because I feel like she knows I want to f*** her husband now.

Nov 13, 2020

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  • My BF and neighbor enjoy three ways with my hubby all the time.

    I love watching him f*** her hard! She is sweet petite red bushed mother of 3 and 52 years young. She is a screamer and had a c section for each of her births so she is still a bit tight not to mention her poor hubby can’t get it up anymore.

    Like I said I love watching my hubby f*** her brains out. I usually watch and then lick her clean. I love coaching them. Urging my hubby to f*** her harder and cursing her out telling her that she is a w**** and that I won’t let her leave the bedroom with his c** inside of her.

    I also love to lie beneath her while the do it doggie style so I can watch him penetrate her and even lick his c*** as he pulls it out and thrusts it in

  • I video taped a friend of mine one time, Different scenario, Similar outcome. At least you kept your clothes on, Who cares. Just roll with it, You can want to f*** him all you wish just don't do it.

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