Dump of a house

I've known for a long time my parents never married, my mom is American from Arizona and my dad is Mexican. We lived in a nice apartment near Cancun but when I was 12 in 1994 my dad got arrested and sent to prison for drug sales in Texas leaving us marooned in Mexico. My mom ran out of money so we moved into a rural area miles away with my moms friend Elba and her 3 kids. The place was a dump and only had plumbing in the kitchen. It had an out house and if we showered it was done in back of the house with a garden hose and no hot water. Elba's kids were Hector who was 10 at the time, Carlos was 8 and Angel just turned 7. I did know them for a long time but the living conditions were horrible and Elba's husband was also in prison.The house was old and a mess and it seemed we were in the middle of nowhere. The mailman was the only one we saw regularly and the closet other house was at least a mile away. None of us went to school for the 3 years we lived there.

I don't think any of us showered every day and the first few times I did I'm still not sure if I was really embarrassed. I had already seen the 2 boys naked and also saw Angel naked along with my Mom and Elba. What seemed funny to me was how Elba was always outside when her kids showered. She would hold the hose and squirt them with the spray nozzle. After they washed with the soap she would have them hold their arms up and then tell them to lean up against the wall. They automatically pushed their butt out and spread open their legs. It didn't embarrass them at all even when they knew I was there or Angel. It soon became normal and it didn't matter if we saw each other naked. Even when my b****** began to develop I still was not the least bit embarrassed if the boys saw me because they also saw their sister and mother like that and I'm sure my mother at times. We didn't even talk about our nudity around each other it was the way things were. Elba and my mom did work whenever they could find something but they seemed depressed most of the time. Finally they both got a waitress job in a diner but it was 30 miles away and one of the would always be home. They each worked 3 days a week and at least we had decent meals.

I was probable 13 the first time I did this but Carlos was getting a shower and asked me where his mom was. She was working that day so I just told him I would squirt the hose on him and he did everything like his mom had him do. I was never that close to them before but that day I did both of them. After that they just let me do it when their mom was at work. Now It was not a s** thing at all but when they would put their hands on the wall and lean back I started putting the hose close to their p**** and testicles. I just thought it was funny the way the water pressure made their genitals move. They never told me to stop or not to do it so I just did it for fun. It went on for a long time and I probably did it a couple times a week to both boys. I'm not sure how old Hector was, probably 12 or 13 and one day he got an erection. The thing is I was dumb for my age and didn't realize what was happening. I never thought about a guy getting aroused and seeing an erection. Hector wasn't embarrassed about it and about two weeks later he masturbated after I sprayed his genitals. It was was like a joke and he kept on doing it until my mother came outside and saw Carlos and I watching him. That was the end of that and from that day on nobody was allowed to see each other shower. I still peeked out of the window sometimes but I was never outside again with the boys. Just after I turned 15 my mom and I moved to Maryland with my aunt Joanne. Now I live in Delaware County PA and have a husband and 3 kids of my own who have never had to use a out house or outside shower. I rarely see Hector or Carlos but last year I did see Angel when she came to visit my aunt Joanne. Angel don't really remember much about those times.

Nov 13, 2020

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