New friendship level.

Last night my boyfriend and I were laying in bed, We had gone out and came home kinda earlier we were just making out and fooling around and I heard my room mate Nicole come storming in, I could tell she was s*** faced without even seeing her. My door was open because we were both wearing underwear and usually don't close the door unless we need "Privacy", She stumbled past and stopped, Looked in and said "What's up sexy f******".
Nicole is crazy, I love her but I think she may actually have a s**** loose, We laughed and said "Nothing", She dropped her purse and came into the room, She crawled right up onto the bed on all fours, Nicole is a...Busty girl to say the least...She had about ten feet of cleavage showing and my boyfriend was looking right at it, Nicole says "Let's f***", I was like "WHOA!!!!, hold up there girly, I think you have maybe had a few too many drinks for that". Ok, Back story, Nicole and I met first day of college, Got drunk and I let her feel my b*****, I had gotten waxed that morning and told her, We ended up in the bathroom with her groping my vaginal area. That's as far as it went but, I always kinda wondered if I wouldn't have been so shy if she would have went further, I suspected she had been with a girl or two over the years but never asked and she never told so here we are, She just said we should f***, I said no and she sat up.
She looked all pouty at me and said "I just wanna get laid", My boyfriend is playing it smart laying there not saying a word and I considered my options, I say yes, We have s**, I say no...Maybe she gets angry, maybe she feels jaded, Maybe...Oh f*** it. I reach over and pull her top down, She laughs and we get it on, She went down on me, I went down on her everyone went down on everyone and My boyfriend f***** her so hard she came and then got scared and said "Oh god, What the f***, I can't move my left leg". He didn't paralyze her and after a minute or two she was able to move it again, She went to her room, We kissed and talked and f***** all night and everyting is awesome.
I can't believe we waited so long to do it.

Nov 13, 2020

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  • I had a 3some with my wife and my female 1st cousin. . Yes alcohol was involved.

  • I recently had a three way with my husband and a close friend of mine, I agree....Don't wait.

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