Young Smoker

Hi everyone

My name is Renee and I am 12 years old and I smoke I actually started when I was just 6 with my moms help. Even before I became a smoker I always used to think how nice mom looked with a cigarette. Sometimes I would sneak a puff when mom left a smoke in the ashtray and she had left the room. But one day mom said to me that I always watch her when she smokes and wondered if I was curious about how smoking felt. I felt so nervous and like I might of been in trouble but mom asked me up on her lap and asked me if I'd like a try. Even though I felt scared I said yes if she would let me I'd like to see what it feels like. Soon mom showed me what to do and after a little while I felt what mom called the hit as the smoke went into my lungs. Oh gosh I felt dizzy but also amazed at how lovely it felt. From then on I began to smoke a lot when I was with mom and I felt so special and grown up. That was 4 years ago and even though I am a really good girl and do well at school work I am a smoker and I love it. Mom always buys me my cigarettes and I smoke most days about 15 smokes a day. I got addicted really quickly and I need to smoke just like an adult even though I'm just a kid.

I would like to know if there are any other kids like me who are allowed to smoke and how they find it being a proper smoker like I am.

Off now to smoke with mom, Renee

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  • I am 12 and i am not allowed to smoke or vape but i still do about 6 packs a day and when im not i vape

  • Awesome - how old were you when you first started smoking? How come your not allowed to smoke? Would you like to have email chat?

  • Being alive

  • Because I can win at something

  • I love smokers

  • My whole family smokes except for me and so i hate it.

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