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Hi everyone

My name is Renee and I am 12 years old and I smoke I actually started when I was just 6 with my moms help. Even before I became a smoker I always used to think how nice mom looked with a cigarette. Sometimes I would sneak a puff when mom left a smoke in the ashtray and she had left the room. But one day mom said to me that I always watch her when she smokes and wondered if I was curious about how smoking felt. I felt so nervous and like I might of been in trouble but mom asked me up on her lap and asked me if I'd like a try. Even though I felt scared I said yes if she would let me I'd like to see what it feels like. Soon mom showed me what to do and after a little while I felt what mom called the hit as the smoke went into my lungs. Oh gosh I felt dizzy but also amazed at how lovely it felt. From then on I began to smoke a lot when I was with mom and I felt so special and grown up. That was 4 years ago and even though I am a really good girl and do well at school work I am a smoker and I love it. Mom always buys me my cigarettes and I smoke most days about 15 smokes a day. I got addicted really quickly and I need to smoke just like an adult even though I'm just a kid.

I would like to know if there are any other kids like me who are allowed to smoke and how they find it being a proper smoker like I am.

Off now to smoke with mom, Renee

Nov 24, 2020

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  • This is so hot Renee can we talk xx

  • My parents made me a smoker when I was 3 years old and so I made my two daughters smokers very early on. My big one started imitating me at 2 1/2 years, whereupon I let her smoke whole cigarettes from the beginning and my little one I started to get used to smoking at 20 months. My big one has been smoking for 2 years now and my little one for about a year. Both developed into strong smokers and love to smoke in about 2 packs a day because they need it due to their strong addiction to cigarettes. So you don't need to worry about them. There are many more children and adolescents like you who like to smoke.

  • At 20 months that is great so what brands do u all smoke and any of u know smoke moore than 2 ppd

  • Thats awesome. I read this with my little one and we couldnt stop masterbating and thinking how lucky they are most especially the one who you tried to get started at 20 months! Wow! My oldest is a bit young to have kids but she is well on her way to being a great mom as she is already wanting her kids to start young. Mine (grand kids) are 3, 5, 7, and my olders13 and her bf 10 all smokers.

  • What brands do u all smoke and ppd

  • Any other parents let there children smoke

  • I am 12 and i am not allowed to smoke or vape but i still do about 6 packs a day and when im not i vape

  • Awesome - how old were you when you first started smoking? How come your not allowed to smoke? Would you like to have email chat?

  • Being alive

  • Because I can win at something

  • I love smokers

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