Caught by my neighbor's wife

I was on mycomputer looking at p*** When my neighbor Missy walked in unanounced. I did not realize she had bee standing be hind me fro some time. She reached down and grabbed my laptop and started checking out the website. Femdom she said excitedly. I sat there in shock as she continued searching the site." Wooo. look at this." she said as she show me a dude being sounded. "Lets check out you web browerser shall we." she said as she sat down right next to me. "Sissy stuff to?" she said more tha asked. I started to get up wraping the towel around me as I did so. No no no she said as she pulled me back down causing the towel to fall to the floor exposing the fact that I was wearing light yellow tight fitting bikini panties. "All right. she shouted the stopped and said, "Hey, those are my panties you're wearing. "Please don't tell anyone. Oh my God not your husband. Hes my boss" I pleaded as she flew out the back door. a few aggonizing moments later she returned carring a kinda large overnight bag. She had me strip naked except for her panties as she pulled out 3or 4 round steel rods about a foot long. she pulled me out anf for the next while she went from the smallest rod to the largest. She giggled as she slid the up and dow twirling them as she did so causing me to gurnt, moan and beg for mercey. Afrter that she full dressed me in lingerie and then proceeded the sissy train me. When I didn't please her as a sub or her new sissy I was caned, roughly sounded and she clicped verry tight clothes pins on my nipples, c*** and b**** and in between my nut sack anf iner thigh. She pulled them off like a zipper and enjoying watching me suffer in humiliation. Standing in front of her dressed as her sissy she explained to me, "How dare you steal my panties and wear them while you watched these videos and fondled yourself. You are now my property to do with and treat as I wish.." She continued. You are now my s** slave. You are also my sissy. You will not wear any male undergarments. She snatched my panties down, grabbed be by the scrodem lifting me to my toes and instructed, "We are going to the adult costume store where you will by 10 pairs of panties to my liking as well as bras, garderbelts, stocking and heels and skimppy tops. Taking in my shocked and horrified expression she continued in a very authoritive tone and demeanor adding to my humiliation and her apparent pleasure she ordered, "Everyday before you leave your house I will instect your under wear. Any violation will be immediate public exposure or a severe cbt, clothes pin and bdsm session. No discussion. On demand you will submitt to my will where it is punishment or if I just want to use ny toys on you. Or if Im just having a lousy day and deside to strip you naked and take it out on you. Now remember there is a difference in punishing you and just having my fun with you. My husban works town town two nights a week. One night will be full punishment night." she said furiously as she pulled up the panties to my knees. The other night will be me S&Ming you for my pleasure and your humiliation." My husban will not be home until tomorrow reached down and opened the overnight case and took out a ball gag and a few oyjer implaments of femdom punishment and male humiliation. This will be for wearing my underthings without my permission. Now it's your normal atire. You will answer,"Yes my mistriss. She then took me to a lingerie and costume store in another city thank goodness where she picked out for all to hear all of my under things, stockings, heels, short dresses and skimpy tops and made me try them on and model them in the main showroom for all to see. She whispered in my ear that while modeling my sissy clothes if I tried to concele anything or hid anythis from full view I would be stripped and formaly punished for all to watch and see. If that wasn't humiliating enough she said to the store owner and long time friend again in full ear shot of everyone, "Ill need and new good ball strearcher. you knoe a real heavy one that locks tightlt around his sissy nut sack. I don't want any weights to fall off. I also nee some new sounds. I tried the ones I have and the aren't painfull enough. Oh and I deed a c*** cage with center tap. I want it to be painfull to have put on and even more uncomfortable to wear and pee through. How about those chromed clothes pins?" "Exellent choise."The owner replied and I could hear all the people who gathered around us chuckeded, snikered and just laughed at what they were doing and treating me. Yes. These sissy things and fine implements of femdom punishment. "Show me how to mount this cage on his tiny picker. He will be out of my sight for a couple of days." The store owner ler me over to a table in the middle of the room and made me laydown on my backas she slipped my pink bikini panties down to my knees and with much pain she mounted the cage. When she inserted the center rod the pain was intense. On the way back she continued to inform me of what, how and when she was going to have her way with me. As long as I obeyed her and submitted to her femdom pleasures our secret would be just between us.

Nov 26, 2020

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  • This is so fake lmao. Most of these stories are just fantasies anyway

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