I'm in love with a married man

I'm totally into this married guy, even though I have a 4 year relationship with another man. The married guy is into me too, we both long for each other soo much, he also has a child which makes things a lot more complicated, we also live in different cities, so we didn't saw each other for a year and a half now...
I'm still trying to forget him and just move on, but he keeps texting me at the exact moment I'm starting to forget him
My boyfriends knows about him, but doesnt know we're still talking ...
I wish I could just rip his memory out of my brain

Nov 29, 2020

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  • Time and space will certainly help you forget about him! Respect yourself, him and others who may be involved. You will only end up with heart ache and so will he. Live your life and be happy, without him!

  • Don’t be a ho! You want forbidden stuff. Other people go through the same stuff but only bad people act on it. Don’t be a slob. That married mans son only wants his real mother... not you. Leave them alone!

  • A relationship should be the furthest thing from your mind right now. If your boyfriend finds out, you get dumped and you still don't have the married guy. Does it work with the married guy? You ruined the family and your boyfriend's feelings.

    Truthfully in my eyes, it seems like you just kinda replaced the married guy with your boyfriend. If you really are in love with this guy, it doesn't seem like you're not fully involved in your own relationship.

    The best thing to do? block his number then delete it from your phone so you don't remember it. Then rethink your entire relationship up until this point in time. Better than leading him on thinking you love him if you don't

    Think about it this way, if this married guy doesn't love his wife and wants to be with you and cheat, would he cheat on you as well with another woman? It could just be l*** for you.

    I had a friend that was going through this. She realized all the promises the married guy made were all hollow He said he'd leave his wife, date her blah blah blah.

    She lived with her boyfriend at the time. He moved out she felt free and stopped talking to the married guy. She's actually very happy right now.

    But in the end, if they're willing to cheat, would it really not happen to you?

  • Once a cheater, always a cheater!

  • Why the f*** Are you telling the while world ?

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