Sugar baby

I’m a sugar baby
It’s not that I can’t work I have a full time job but I pay bills and need stuff I’m a trans girl and I’m willing to show myself off for money
Ashley0ak27 is my Instagram



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  • I don't have to pay for this. I get it free all the time

  • Im going to follow you

  • Isn't it amazing how often the rules can be ignored or waived or bent or set aside to suit the whims of a very few, but then be rigidly used as a crutch when not even necessary?

  • Ashley how many times do you need to be told to f*** off and die !
    Trans is a way of saying for sick and mentally ill pervert.

  • How ma I a pervert lol your made for what ? Because I was born in the wrong body ?

  • Lol why you so obsessed with trans girls are yoI mad we are more pretty than cis women

  • Tell yourself whatever you have to to keep from slashing your wrists. It's a moment-to-moment struggle that you will someday lose. But you're being so entertaining with your loud insistent delusions until then.

  • Only to people in desperate need of optical intervention

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