I cheating in the US election

I Joseph Robinette Biden comitted voter fraud, and cheated I in the US election. I did this because I know I've been a LOSER my whole life, and there was no way I could beat Donald Trump.
Especially since I have the IQ of a baboon, and cannot even speak English properly. I hope you all can forgive me. I also like raping young girls. I call for unity now.

Dec 2, 2020

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  • Bahahaha. A little heart broken by the “Trumper” failure? Hilarious

  • Can't handle the fact that your mentally ill and/or senile orange overlord couldn't con enough dummies a second time? Aww, too bad so sad. I've always thought any MAGAt who liked to screech "TDS" was projecting. Bitter, childish noise like this only reinforces that.

  • Look there is no cure for stupid and you qualify for that.

  • I'm British.
    Trump is a racist bullyboy thug and a selfish control freak.
    Americans in general frustrate me Because they can't spell properly a words as they are pronounced.
    For example "colour " is the correct spelling but Americans always omit the letter"o".
    Have Americans never heard of the word "twice" ?
    They always say for example
    Gaviscon lasts " two times longer" but should say"lasts twice as long".

    Finally Americans are so dramatic and constantly say " Right now".
    In England " right now" means immediately and is only used in an emergency situation.
    If we mean "now" but there is no panic situation required we would say currently, presently or at this moment in time.
    In Britain a well used phrase is
    " America where every thing is big including their heads "

  • Brits and Americans have always spelled words differently and used different phrases. But I never thought I would live to see such ignorance and insanity

  • To correct my comment on Americans inability to spell I mistyped.
    Colour is the correct spelling but Americans always omit the letter 'u".

  • If Americans annoy you so much, Then perhaps you should stay in Britten living as a Brit..I dislike you A holes that cone to my county and complain about our Culture..Same goes for all the other cultures that come to Almeria and try to change our culture to theirs.You live in my county you should be required learn our Culture, its laws,and earn citizenship.

  • News flash, brainiac-- the internet works in *Britain, too.

    Here's another tidbit: If YOU are going to live in MY *country, learn the language!! If you were squirted out here in *America, English is your first language. Make a better attempt to communicate with it-- looks like you may have to go all the way back to elementary school. While you're at it, try to mature enough to become a little less of an *a$$hole-- not everyone is just like you (luckily for the rest of us).

  • Shut up you loser

  • Crawl back under your mama's flabby t!t, ret@rd

  • Your mad nobody wants trump anymore like bro trump is racist and homophobic he needs to be gone

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