I just don't even get it.

Why won't them n****** just go ahead and say what everybody know: Jeb Biden won that m************ election. Tell that b**** ass Trump to get to packing and then get to stepping. That m************ m********* of a m*********** Trump.

Nov 7

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  • Joke Biden will soon have proved to everyone what a good President T-Rump was, and we will all be very sorry we didn't reelect him. Joke Biden is a straight-up brain-dead monkey-ass moron. He'll be another one-term m*********** loser. Bye, Felicia.

  • Aww, listen to the bitter screeches of a loser with TDS. You retards just love, as always, to call the other side names that apply so much better to you-- you're the ones who are even more Deranged than usual when it comes to that fat orange infant!!

  • ^This^ may give you some idea of how long it takes the site to post things. Perhaps this week, they'll pin up something about a big explosion in Hiroshima. Or Lincoln having been shot in Ford's theater. Or Columbus arriving in the new world. Sheesh. Even CNN is quicker.

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