Wife's sexuality

As a married couple, we weren't any different from most young couples who faced numerous obstacles. Luckily we both had decent jobs, and we faced any issue head on. Our s** lives were incredible, my girl was insatiable, loved s**, dressed very sexy as a Insurance Underwriter, which by the way was a mostly a male industry. I used to think and say to her, damn babe ya know I can see your butt when you cross your legs, are you sure you want to wear that skirt or dress...she'd say laughing, I wore clothes like this when we were dating, and you never complained, and I like looking good, and I feel great too. So I just smiled and said okay okay. I worked in the Dental Supply business as a Salesman which had great benefits, but it included traveling frequently in State. We were living along the water in a waterfront community with single family homes. Our place was a one level ranch, 2 bedroom 2 bath. with a plain front entry but the back had a big concrete patio where we put a bar and a grill with some lounge chairs were we would lay out & grill and sometimes fill up a kids pool and just lay in it to cool off. We didn't have a boat but were planning on one in the future. We had only one neighbor next to us, on the right, Mike & Nancy & their 2 boys. They owned a 2 story Home with a large top deck, and a roof top deck for looking out onto the Bay. They were nice always offered to take us boating or come on over and hang out. Mike had a friend who's name was also Mike too, they called him Mickey. This guy was very shady. He was always starring at the Mrs. and commenting or grunting, I'd think what a POS ! I tell my wife careful around this guy, she'd say he's harmless, she can handle any situation. Mike owned a Automobile repair shop up in the City, and Nancy was a Hospital Administrator . They're friend Mickey, had a vending business, sold new old stock clothes and tools at various indoor Flea Markets, plus He could get you mostly anything including any recreational drugs. My wife got from him some Pot, which we thought nothing about, he didn't ask for any money, and she didn't really ask him for any, he just offered. So whenever we have some friends over, we'd invite our neighbors and Mikey and whatever girlfriend he was with to stop over, and Mike & Nancy would do the same. It was all casual and harmless. About 10 months or so, my neighbors had to go to Italy to see his Father who was recovering from heart Surgery. He said Mikey will be around to keep an eye out on the place, We said ok np hope all is well with your Father. And that weekend Mickey had a party at the House. I was gone that afternoon and wouldn't be back to late Saturday evening. I asked my wife what were her plans, was she just going to hang out or what? She said, oh I'll probably stop by party check it out but won't stay long etc. I called her back, and she said they were a few cars parked around the front of our house, but everything seemed good and not to worry. Yeah right! Knowing my wife, she probably had on V cut dress or top with her b****** visible and a short skirt or short shorts on. I got back the next evening, my wife was laying on the couch with shorts & a T on, she said the place was crowded and everyone acted responsible, and after a few glasses of wine She left. I said ok, how was Mikey, she said, He asked where were you, but was busy with his date & friends. So Sunday was a quite morning, my Wife went shopping with her friends and I was cleaning the grill, no was Home next door. My neighbor across from me on the Lagoon was working on his boat, and said boy that was some Party Friday nite. I yea, was it a little too loud for you. He said at times it got loud especially when the girls took their tops off. I said, oh I'm sorry about that. He said, no it kinda died down after that as most of the people started making out and finding a place to hook up, and about an hour later most had left. I was sitting out here watching the women dance. He said, you're wife is gorgeous I might add, you're a lucky man! I said thanks...WHAT... WTF, why would she lie to me, what should I do....so I wanted to see with my own eyes what I now suspected. So over the next few weeks, I hung around with Mikey more. My wife and I stopped by his Flea Market businesses and He gave her several pairs of designer jeans and tops, which we would pickup from his home later on in the evening along with some pot. My wife wore a white pleated mini skirt with sheer to waist stockings, heels and a lime green 4 button V blouse, I told her how hot and sexy she looked, and rubbed my fingers between her thighs when she was putting on her makeup, she kept saying stop, but I could feel her getting wet as her nipples were getting hard, and made her a cocktail. My plan was to have her sexed up, and to see if She'll react if She thinks I'm not around. I hoping, she'll just be cool and play it off if he makes a move. So after a few drinks and me rubbing her and telling her how desirable she is, we go to Mickey's House. It's about 9:30p, Mike has a 2 story bottom enclosed parking with a large screened in porch. He was a door entry that has steps going up to the 2nd floor living area. I ring the door, a faint lite comes on, and He opens the door, She says we're here, and places both hands on his bare chest, he says come on in, and my wife starts up the stairs, and I pause and drop my keys, I reach down them to get them and I say to my wife, Hey Babe, and she turns, and we're both looking up at her naked ass and sexy legs and I said didn't you want to use the bathroom, and she said, oh yea Mickey, where's your rest room... He said at the top go straight in make a right, 1st door on the right. She said got it, I said babe I'll be back in a few I'm going to go by my office and will be back in a little. She said ok, and walked to the restroom. I told Mickey, She's looking forward to those jeans & tops you gave her, and said, she was thinking of trying them on. I asked him if he's got a little something stronger than Pot for the Mrs. and me and He said absolutely, I said great, I'll be back in about an hour and half, and he said cool, then I heard my wife call him about something in the restroom, and I said, I'll close the door and turn off the light Mickey, i'll see you later. He said thanks, turned and went up to see what was going on. It was killing me to put her in this situation, but I had to know if she's been cheating on me. So I went to a Bar about 3 miles up the road and waited about a little over an hour. I got into the downstairs door no problem, luckily the stairs didn't creek. I could hear my wife, I could also her the sound of a woman v***** when its getting _ucked good, the slippering & whooshing of a _ock penetrating a swollen hot _ussy. I could hear him murmuring to her and she saying yes...F me harder...I then saw my wife, she was on her back her legs were up over her head, and Mickey was sliding this massive _ock in and out of her, it was probably 10" and had a girth of about the size of a coffee cup, and Mickey was pounding my Wifes _ussy. It was scene where I 1st wanted to beat the _hit out of Him, but hearing my wife and watching her take this massive _ock was riveting! Mickey was about 42 kinda heavyset, but God gifted him with his King Kong sized _ick. After what seemed like twenty minutes of them _ucking He filled her with his seed and came all over her stomach. I got back outside, and waited about 10 minutes, and rang the door bell. He answered and said my wife got high and didn't feel well, so she laid down, and she's in the bathroom and said she'll be right out. So I had a beer and we started talking, he rolled up a joint and we smoked it. My wife finally came out, and she looked normal except she wasn't wearing her stockings. She said She had a little to much to drink and didn't feel well, so I said, ok, lets go, do you need me to carry you or are you ok walking on your own. She said I think i'll be ok, and Mickey handed me a baggie with some Pot and a few pills for relaxation, and we left. One the way back home I started rubbing her swollen hot _ussy, she immediately responded by unzipping my pants and scukin me. I said to her, did you like that fat _ock in your hot _ussy baby, she said, I love fat _ock, baby I'm c******! I'm not ashamed nor am I embarrassed about what has happened, and now it has opened this door for us. I'm not some small packed guy, I'd say I'm a normal 7" healthy male with regular stamina. But my awesome sexual wife is to me my Queen, and I'll always be there for her. As long as She's honest with me, and so far She has kept her word. I know time will tell, we all get older our preferences change etc. Sexy gorgeous woman especially married women are such a turn on, as I now know being married to one that loves to explore her sexuality. Be safe, in a relationship don't lie be honest! We enjoy reading similar exploits!

Dec 3, 2020

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  • I suspected my wife was messing around, so I made a point of telling her I would be gone for a few hours, then I sneaked back to watch, since 2 of my friends and one of their wives were at our house.
    I caught her, but not with the guys, it was with the one wife.
    They were in our back bedroom, guys were out front watching football.
    Sort of a surprise to me, let me tell you. But it was OK, I got to see the other wife naked, damn she has a bulging p**** on her, nice t***, too.
    My plan is to blackmail her into letting me f*** her myself, her old man is a mean SOB and if he found out he would kick the crap out of her, so I bet it works.

  • Your wife is one sexy slutty b****! You are one lucky b****** to have such a beautiful sexy wife! Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Fantastic. Mate

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