Fun with my cousin

As kids me and my cousin was always together. We would play a lot of role playing games. Sometimes the family game was the best where I was dad and she was mom.
We would kiss and all that but as innocent kids. Now as grown adults she’s a beautiful thick woman. And she would talk about the time we hung out as kids. Sometimes I have the urge to ask if we can do it one time. She’s a turn on.

Dec 4, 2020

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  • Go for it

  • Why would you call her beautiful and thick in the same sentence? Dumb American, thick means stupid

  • Thick, doesnt mean stupid. Go read a dictionary!

  • You gotta be dumb to not know what people mean when they say thick in 2020

  • Incest is the best. Stupid Americans

  • Americans are known for f****** their sisters sooooo... And they're also the world provider of incest p*** SOOOO........

  • Sometimes you have to be brave

  • Not necessarily fake, My cousin and I used to hook up a few times a month, She lived three houses away and we were close in age so we hung out lots and she started at 14 asking to see stuff then that progressed to touching, Oral and then full on intercourse, We continued until we were in our very early 20's and I got married. (Night before the wedding was the last time).

  • Did the same with my cousin she was plump but I fell in love with her when we were10 years old.

    At 18 we ran off and got married. Were 23 now and she fat 200 lbs and 5'2". We love s** and spend most of our free time having oral, a*** or regular s**.

    She knows I'm turned on by fat, three weeks ago she said she going to put on 25 pounds. I feed her as we have s**. this morning she had a squirting O***** when i weight her, she gained 10 lbs. I'll never leave her as she is getting nice and fat.

  • Built for comfort not for speed sounds appropriate !

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