Alter ego?

Im a man. Straight up. I know I'm bi though because i am extremely attracted to women. I am also attracted to men purely sexually. However when i do get really h**** for another man i feel the urge to act feminine and i even have a female name in my head when I'm acting the part. This only happens when I'm really h**** for other men, not when I'm aroused by women. And every other aspect of my life i am a straight male. It's that categorized as something? Or is it just a fetish. Its weird.

Dec 5, 2020

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  • Relax. It sounds pretty normal.

  • You and me are exactly the same. I don't find men physically attractive. Women are more attractive nd just love women but I find men as sexually attractive. When I m*********, it's 90% over s** with men.

  • Two f****** weirdos. Ugh !!!

  • No not weird. I look at men and think yuk. I fantasise about men and almost come instantly. I look at women and think wow, I fantasize and...nothing not even an erection

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