Bi curious

I’m super confused about my sexuality because on one hand I’ve always found myself attracted to guys but recently I have a sexual desire for women. I met this girl who was completely and utterly confident about her sexuality and didn’t care who knew that she was gay and I really admired that! Recently she moved away and I’ve been fantasizing and having intimate dreams about her. Sometimes I ** to the thought of it.. Am I bi ??

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  • You’ve been a naughty girl…go to my room!

  • Update: definitely bi, am dating an incredible girl and have the best ** of my life !! I’m edging towards being lesbian more so then bi because of how different I feel and was attracted to her straight away and everything turns me on with her. Never felt this way before !!

  • Simple answer: go to his room in your light sleeping dress without bra and ** at mid-night and ask him why he did it, You will have an enjoyable answer!!

  • A little motherly advice.

    All women are bi. It’s in our nature. A nice big ** is great. The kitten loves to be filled and stretched. But nothing make the kitty PURR like the touch and tongue of another woman!

  • Are you keen for some private fun

  • Another OCD case, this one starts everything with "A little motherly advice." Are you that pedo who pretended to be a grandpa and loved it when all his grandchildren ran around naked so he could spank their little behinds? I think you are

  • No I’m 39 and a mother of 3

  • Are you keen for some chat fun

  • Most men are bi, to. Men are just less inclined to admit it because its not masculine

  • I agree with this most men are bi I have recently admitted my bisexual desires.

  • My hubby is not bi. I can’t get him to do a three way with another guy, but he will do a three way with another woman.

    He also will not do **.

  • I’d like to have a three way with you and my German shepard.

  • Again. He maybe just too scared. Or just like some women he may simply not be into it.
    If there was no religion or social engineering then I really believe men and women on an equal level would engage in same ** **.

  • Why do you care? It's not even edgy anymore. But you just keep posting the same tired ** over and over again, because............................

  • Because "confused about my sexuality" is still considered edgy by stupid people, that's why

  • I think most people are bi, to some degree

  • But only some people need to tell the world about it every five minutes. That is less about s3x and more about attention wh0ring, but whatever.

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