Do I deserve this girl

I’m a senior in high school and I’m not very proud of what I’ve done this year. In December I was with a girl unofficially (call her #1 for naming purposes) I ended up hooking up with an old friend who was an alum from my high school (#2). I fell for #2 hard but when she went back to college in January she started giving me the cold shoulder and I ended up hooking up with yet another girl (#3) before the unofficial relationship with #2 was over. #3 liked me a lot but I hardly had any feelings for her. I kept the relationship going for a while and even though we declared ourselves Bf and gf I saw for maybe about an hour in a half in total over the course of 2 months. Just a few nights ago I have hooked up with yet another girl who i had been getting close to over the last couple months (#4). I immediately broke up with #3 to Pursue a relationship with #4. (Side note: #4 knew I was dating #3 at the time but also knew I was not happy in the relationship). But now that I’ve started going after #4 who has already admitted to wanting to date me has admitted to having second thoughts. This is because rumor spread and our school that we hooked up and now she thinks she’ll be labeled as a w**** even though people don’t really care that much they just like to gossip. She’s also afraid that I’m going to hurt her because I’m like her first hook up and I would be her first bf.
So if you’ve read this far in my question is: do I deserve her given my last couple months of how all over the place I’ve been. I really think #4 is special and I’d like to be with her. If yes how should I handle the situation?
PS: I don’t enjoy labeling girls as numbers I just didn’t want to Throw names around


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  • I honestly don’t think you have done anything wrong so far. I would date #4 if you like her. People will gossip regardless of what you do in high school so you might as well be happy.

  • I think you're fantasizing about all these girls you want to be with.

  • What do you mean by fantasizing

  • You sound like a mess 1234 focus on yourself first before anyone else gets your time and attention

  • I agree!

  • Too late we’re dating

  • OK young lady, it's quite clear you are the girl in question and not the boy!
    But I will answer as both of you asked it; the relationship will not last!
    But if this person makes you happy then give it a go, have no regrets in your convictions, or you will always wonder what could have been

  • I actually AM the guy in the situation. But I’m still gonna give it a go

  • Yup sounds like high school games to me

  • But like what do I do?

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