I am married twice and have 3 kids , i am in my 50's but looking good, now with my second husband since 10 years. we both are working in retail that's why not effected by COVID.
This happened two weeks ago when I came back from work I saw my husband walking outside with our kids and a young guy, we all came home and I went for shower to freshen up. both of them was sitting having drinks.
My husband told me he has ordered the dinner and it's ready, let's to have it. I went kitchen and start to arrange, my husband came and told me to have the dinner and let the children to sleep and we will have fun.
After the dinner I take up kids to their room and told them to sleep and we will go to play games tomorrow, and came down.
My husband introduced me with the guy as J and told me he is a good basketball player and working in a restaurant due to COVID he has lost his job and he is trying to get a job here and have an interview tomorrow. They started to drink and I joined as well, I was wearing V shape vest without bra and my b**** was visible specially when i was bending, J use to look at them.
conversation reached to friends and then to s** positions, My husband suddenly pulled me and took out my b*** and asked J if he like it, I was surprised by his move he said yes sure. he told me honey if you don't mind let him to feel, I was surprised and a bit nervous and remembered my golden days when I had two guys together. J came near me and started to touch my b**** I aroused and same time my Husband "I will call him L " got up and removed his c*** in front of me I started to suck, at the same time J remove my Pajama and started to lick my p**** I spread my legs for him to reach properly, after a while L told J to remove his pants as soon as he remove I can see his d*** which was throbbing at least 8 inches and thick(double in size of L). I sucked him and bent over L inserted his d*** in my p**** in 5 minutes he came over. and then J let me to lay down take up my legs and filled my wet p**** with his thick 8 inches c*** and pumped me well, then we did in doggy style. after that i sat on him. finally he came over on my face and b**** with a heavy load.
L went to sleep and I had a second round with him .
Hoping he will get the job and stay nearby

Dec 8, 2020

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  • Reading ur post is like what happening to me lately my wife and i been married over 30 years and always had great s** life but noticed last few years its been getting rarer n s** over in a flash . but happy that we still doing it . but 2weeks ago we had few drinks and was chatting and subject of s** came up . she said its gone boring not like it use to be and i agreed . we both said we need excitement . so we started this roleplay that we only met .well wow . was like a magic spell came over her and me . i f***** her 4 times in one night lasting ages eachtime getting better and more exciting . calling eachother different names as we f***** . doing things we use to do . now we cant stop .

  • Mmm reminds me of when my friend used to let me f*** his wife while he watches or joins she used to love when he eats her p**** while my d*** is in her

  • I would very much like to talk to you about more things that get you wet.

  • Who would want to talk to a creep like you?

  • What is this world coming to?

  • Very erotic!

  • A perfect marriage!!!!!

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