Am I being unreasonable?

I just caught my bf talking to other girls. He claims it doesn't mean anything and he's just trying to have friends, but why hide it when I've told him it's okay for him to have female friends? I really don't get it... he says he hid it from me because he's afraid I'll get jealous + he's afraid of how I'll react... is that a good reason or just some BS excuse?

I don't care if he has friends that are girls... it's the fact he hides it from me that I feel suspicious and betrayed. I don't think it's asking for too much to be in the know if he is talking to other girls, is it?

I've always told him that he could have female friends (because apparently he doesn't get along with men). All I asked was for him to be open and honest with me about it... but apparently, that's me putting him "under surveillance".

You guys tell me... am I being unreasonable or is he blameshifting/manipulating the situation?

Dec 11, 2020

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  • He wants to f*** them. Trust me I'm a man. He wants their p**** badly

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