Random, honest thoughts..

In no particular order: Women with excessive tattoos and piercings, who date and end up beat up on, or, shared, by biker guys, get what they deserve; Any guy over the age of 20, who wears his hat backwards, needs to be beaten with a hammer until sense is knocked into him; Bartenders who see you as a regular, and, thus, see it ok to make you wait for service, don't deserve your business or tips; Anyone who only contacts you when they want something should be out of your phone, email, or any other way of contact; S**** them, let 'em fend for themselves for a change; Never, ever move anyone; It's a trap for every time their sorry assess move again; Faking being happy for someone, when you are not, gets harder as time goes on; Anyone who maintains, especially during relationship argument "I'm a good person", usually is far from it; Fat women shouldn't be choosy when it comes to men; If a guy opts for a fat chick, he's doing charity work. More later.

Aug 8, 2016

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  • Girls with tattoos almost always f*** better

  • Random a******* on the internet who preach about which types of people deserve harm are lame.

  • Yup

  • Totally agreed!

  • Cold callers should have to pay me to talk to me. $1/minute

  • That seems a little low. I'd charge $50 for the first minute and then have the rate balloon for every minute thereafter, Fibonacci style. Guarantee you only the stupid ones would try calling a second time.

  • And sorry ass losers who think they are better than everybody else should be put to trial and behind bars for their sorry ass n*** thoughts. You suck i hope you end up alone and i am neither fat nor have tattoos or any of the other things...but i do have brains and you clearly dont

  • I also forgot...People who lack proper English and writing skills need to stop posting online; What you meant was, put ON trial, not to; and you need to learn punctuation. As for the rest, notably the fat chicks reference, I mean that entirely. They should be happy any human being has even a ball hair of interest; I've dated a few, and always return to normal-sized women. Fat chicks are unclean, period.

  • Nobody gives a s*** about proper writing online get over it

  • It's an interesting social phenomenon, and is probably only true because most people are illiterate morons. If you want to drive a car down the freeway, you should know how to brake and steer. If you want to be a doctor, you'd better know about things like anatomy, chemistry, biology, etc. But any r***** with a keyboard can go online and display their lack of basic language skills.

  • I doubt seriously that any woman has every gone out with you. You come off as a cretin.

  • It's funny when people who "lack proper English" try to correct others on their poor grammar. :D

  • Seriously. Leave it to those of us who know how English actually works! ;)

  • Girls with tattoos are hotter

  • Total agreement. Sign me up for the movement.

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