Random, honest thoughts..

In no particular order: Women with excessive tattoos and piercings, who date and end up beat up on, or, shared, by biker guys, get what they deserve; Any guy over the age of 20, who wears his hat backwards, needs to be beaten with a hammer until sense is knocked into him; Bartenders who see you as a regular, and, thus, see it ok to make you wait for service, don't deserve your business or tips; Anyone who only contacts you when they want something should be out of your phone, email, or any other way of contact; S**** them, let 'em fend for themselves for a change; Never, ever move anyone; It's a trap for every time their sorry assess move again; Faking being happy for someone, when you are not, gets harder as time goes on; Anyone who maintains, especially during relationship argument "I'm a good person", usually is far from it; Fat women shouldn't be choosy when it comes to men; If a guy opts for a fat chick, he's doing charity work. More later.

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  • Girls with tattoos almost always f*** better

  • Random a******* on the internet who preach about which types of people deserve harm are lame.

  • Yup

  • Totally agreed!

  • Umm I guess this means my boyfriend is into charity work haha! But don't you worry poster I make sure he is well rewarded for his charity work. I blow him anytime he wants (and swallow), f*ck anytime he wants (a**** when he wants it), I watch sports, cook, clean, and work hard and earn a good income. I guess putting up with my fat a** isn't so bad for my charity loving boyfriend. ;) Cheers Mate!

  • Don't bother trying to reason with an idiot.

  • Cold callers should have to pay me to talk to me. $1/minute

  • That seems a little low. I'd charge $50 for the first minute and then have the rate balloon for every minute thereafter, Fibonacci style. Guarantee you only the stupid ones would try calling a second time.

  • And sorry ass losers who think they are better than everybody else should be put to trial and behind bars for their sorry ass n*** thoughts. You suck i hope you end up alone and i am neither fat nor have tattoos or any of the other things...but i do have brains and you clearly dont

  • I also forgot...People who lack proper English and writing skills need to stop posting online; What you meant was, put ON trial, not to; and you need to learn punctuation. As for the rest, notably the fat chicks reference, I mean that entirely. They should be happy any human being has even a ball hair of interest; I've dated a few, and always return to normal-sized women. Fat chicks are unclean, period.

  • Nobody gives a s*** about proper writing online get over it

  • It's an interesting social phenomenon, and is probably only true because most people are illiterate morons. If you want to drive a car down the freeway, you should know how to brake and steer. If you want to be a doctor, you'd better know about things like anatomy, chemistry, biology, etc. But any r***** with a keyboard can go online and display their lack of basic language skills.

  • Ha! You feel it is charity work to date fat women and yet you have dated "a few"? See, that was so telling. Also, you picked dirty ones? This is also very telling. Look, please don't stop posting. You're lame as f*ck, but excellent entertainment value.

  • I've dated a few round-ees, yes. And, professional or not (two were in finance, one a nurse), I found their "Southern areas" unclean. Told one that, and she flipped out. Funny how I was the one who stayed calm, with arms folded, as she ranted and cursed me left and right. Gave another fatty a chance, as we had bit of a connection, and..Her lower parts felt like clumps of old paint. I've returned to dating normal-sized or fit women who at least don't disgust me sexually.

    So yes..I call it charity work to date the fatties.

  • It couldn't have been, that unclean, as you still f***** her!!
    Did you tell her, before you f***** her or after? I bet it was after! You're disgusting!

  • HAHAHA!!! Lower parts?! Who seriously calls them lower parts? "Oh baby! You have me so hot...let me go down on your lower parts!" Those fat women did the charity work, my friend. Let me take a wild guess here...you have a button for a p****, right?

  • Notice how he never responded. H***, he probably made up even the part about hooking up with a fat chick. Only his mommy has even seen his button peen, lol!

  • I doubt seriously that any woman has every gone out with you. You come off as a cretin.

  • It's funny when people who "lack proper English" try to correct others on their poor grammar. :D

  • Seriously. Leave it to those of us who know how English actually works! ;)

  • Girls with tattoos are hotter

  • Total agreement. Sign me up for the movement.

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