Enough, already!

So, I have read again within the past week that the University of Texas is still under fire for continuing to use "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You" as its spirit song, the criticism being because of its supposedly "racist roots" or "racist undertones". And despite longstanding tradition, the black UT football players have refused to stand and sing it at games, and the marching band has refused to play it, and alumni groups have called on the school's administration to replace it with something else (presumably "Me So **" from 2 Live Crew, or Sir MixaLot's "Baby Got Back", would be automatically acceptable). To make it easier, perhaps the complainants should just convince the U.S. President-elect to sign an executive order when he takes office outlawing completely the use, reference, performance or reliance on ANYTHING that originates before January 1, 1863 (the date of the Emancipation Proclamation), unless it has been approved in advance by the officers of Black Lives Matter, so their delicate sensibilities won't be offended. Of course, that could (probably would) eliminate all of the works of Shakespeare, the King James Bible, the Quran, and the U.S. Constitution, among others too numerous to count or to name, and not to mention any of the magnificent music of that era. I've had enough of all the ** and whining and protesting. I'm not listening to that deviant ** anymore. NONE. I'm finished with it. And I'm finished with you. If you can't cope with the past, despite everything being done to accommodate you in the present, then go ** yourselves in the future. As they say in Italy, "Basta"!!! And "Adio"!!!!

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  • Saw'em Off!

  • Grow up, get a life, and accept that you not experiencing racism does not mean that racism does not exist.

  • Gig ‘em!

  • My god calm down before you have a stroke, it’s college football. Just looked the song up and see that not only the lyrics have racist undertones but it’s also sung to the tune of “I’ve been working on the railroads”, lol. Totally understand why they want to change it.

  • I know you realize that it's not just the fight song issue, that it's not about protesting real racism where it really does exist, but about pushing the entitlements needle further up the chart. About wanting more, getting more, taking more. By your shrinking the viewfinder down to only that single topic, you can make people think that anyone and everyone in the opposing camp is hopelelessly narrow-minded and can be --- and should be --- quickly dismissed. But it's not just one school song. It's everything, and it is always always always always something else. But you don't care about any of it because their overreach hasn't impacted you quite yet, because you can't see beyond the tip of your nose, because you're one of those distracted, spineless, empty-headed, easily-swayed, guilt-sickened, overprivileged pushovers that the social justice goons have in mind when they fix their agendas. And because you don't care. They're betting there are more people like you than not. And they're betting nobody will stand up and fight, for fear of being considered "intolerant". You're betting they won't take anything important of yours and that they may even openly applaud your evolved/woke attitudes. They've won all their bets so far. You haven't won one.

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