How we ended up together.

I often get asked how we ended up together but since I can't actually tell the story I thought I would put it here.
1999 I am at a local watering hole nicknamed the "Meat market" and stumble across a short pretty blonde, Dyed blonde but blonde, Not going to get into too many details but she is super cute and still is now. Anawhoo we go back to her place and I am thinking "I know this place, I have been here before", We jump into bed and get down, She gets off and I may have had a case of whiskey d*** so after a bit she tells me to shut it down and rolls over, As I lay there listening to her snore it dawns on me that I recognized the appartment because I nailed her room mate months before.
So I am laying there with a b**** and nowhere to stick it and I get up, wander across the hall and stand in the doorway, I didn't remember the room mate except that she was decent and a bit taller, She rolls over and it was dark but I could kinda see her and she looks right at my h******, Bites her lip and whispers "Oh s***", I go in the room and oh my goodness. She was so hot, So tight and that body, long, lean and STACKED!!!!! I pound her hard, She gets off twice, I get off FINALLY and she whispers "You didn't...Did you?...Inside???" I say yes and she bolts for the bathroom, I do the gentlemanly thing and go crawl back in bed with the original girl and wait for the fireworks.
Well the fireworks never happened, I wake up and the girl I was in bed with is asleep so I go out to the living room and have a smoke then am going to leave when the other girl comes out of her room. Oh my WOW, Tall, Slim, Pale skinned, Freckly, Long legs, Huge t***, Beautiful face, shoulder length brunette hair and at that moment I knew she was NOT the same room mate. She Started to say something and then the other girl comes out of her room and walks by her, Says "Good morning ***" and she says good morning back, She is standing there in shorts and a tank top with no bra and her huge t*** are just right there, Perfect and at the time I would have said 90% chance of being fake....They were not.
So the girl I went there with comes and sits down and snuggles up saying "I woke up and thought you left", I didn't say anything but the other girl goes back to her room, When she is gone I say "What did you say your room mates name is?", She says "mmmm, That's not my room mate, that's my sister". WOW, Oh my god what did I do, My heart started to race and I am sure it was basically punching her in the side of the face, Now I am positive there will be major fireworks but she came back about 10 minutes later and nothing, Sits and talks for a bit then the girl I was with goes to the bathroom, Her sister whispers "Sooo...Uh...Yeah", I say "uuuhhh yeah", Her sister comes back and she leaves, She goes into the shower and I start asking about her sister, Turns out they are both adopted but were both adopted as babies so they are for all intents and purposes sisters.
The shocker came when she told me her sister had come to visit but wasn't old enough to go to the bar...OH F***. 16, yeah FML, I freaked out inside and tried to get a minute alone with her but couldn't before the girl I was with said she would call me later because she had planned to spend the day with her sister. Long story short, I dated the older one, 1 year, 10 months and 3 days. But...all the while I nailed the other one on the side, Over and over and over, More than the one I was dating but it was my only way of staying in touch. Two days after her 18th birthday the older sister walked in on her sitting on my lap, Naked with my c*** buried inside her.
There's the fireworks...19.9 years and 3 kids later we celebrate our 20th anniversary next week and her and her sister are best friends again after a short period of not talking, We have agreed never to tell anyone about what happened before the time we got caught.
So there it is, How we got together.

Dec 14, 2020

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  • When we were in our 20's my then GF and I would once in a while hook up with her cousin, Yeah, Yeah, cousins...It's not incest, Anyway I married her cousin and we have been together 22 years. First few family events were weird but not anymore.

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