Some genuine advice please

I'm a 14 year old girl, say whatever tf you want abt me being a thirsty pedo idrgaf, I have always questioned my sexuailty but I assumed I like boys AND girls. I want a relationship with a man or a man role and s** with a man doesn't totally turn me off, but something about girls. I have thought this before but kinda talked myself back from it. I was molested since I was little and raped twice this year ( please don't sexualize me and my experience) after that I felt like I was totally sure. I've only told my sister who wasn't surprised she said she related but she still likes guys she is married lol. This would mean that my parents got a bisexual (sister), pansexual (brother), and lesbian (yours truly). I just want to know if somebody else relates to this. I want to address it isn't the same feeling as wanting to be different and saying your this and that. I truly feel attracted to women, one in particular. She is my best friend we aren't allowed to talk anymore bc her grandmother found out I was raped and she didn't want me around her anymore, my friend has told me she is semi attracted to girl's but swore me to secrecy,I hope this still counts as secrecy lol, I fantasize about her all the time. Not even sexual just like I would love to baby her right now, like she deserves ME I want to be with her 24/7, we have this connection I can't stand being around someone for more than a day. Her it's like I could be with her forever, she is the only person I would even dream about being with not even sexually just like having her with me. I genuinely love her I say it to my girlfriend's all the time "I love you" or "love you girly" but I have never felt like this before. Even her name just makes my smile, and her giggle, she bites her lips when she's reading,which she loves to do, I haven't been able to see her when her grandmother found out about me she cut her off. We are like Romeo and Juliet, or Romea and Juliet technically. I just want to hug her right now, and tell her she means the world to me. I wouldn't even want s** right now she is perfect I don't want to make her feel used, I want her to feel special I want to look her in the eyes and say "{name} you're beautiful and I treasure your mind, body, and every word that leaves those adorable lips". I- I'm just lost for words about her.

Dec 15, 2020

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  • People commenting on this are so s***** I'm so sorry. I'm 14 too and I've been r#aped multiple times so I can understand how hard that is. As for needing advice, I'm sorry but I honestly don't know. I do think it sounds like you're in love though and you should just let yourself feel whatever for whoever you want without labels. Best of luck!!!!🥰

  • Thank you am, I'm sorry you went through that pain. I hope you found/find the strength to come forward.

  • I like y’all want to say I’m writing this and it’s fake but cool sis say that, I don’t see why y’all care, I’m a teenager questioning my attraction for my best friend. Get off your high horse f******, why’d you click on my post anyway if you’re gonna call it fake no matter what

  • If y'all can't handle feedback, why y'all gotta keep posting bullshit for attention y'all


  • It's ain't f****** attention seeking lmao. I was asking bc I had 3 week's with out my therapist and it was eating my up so I came here. And yea I say y'all...I'm from deep south

  • You're the same stupid little girl who's desperate to seem sophisticated and "confused about her sexuality" at the same time, thinking she's fooling people by adding "y'all" every other sentence. Just how sucky is your home life, and why do you think anybody should care?

  • I day y'all purely out of habit, it's just a filler word for me. No if I wanted to seem sophisticated I would be like every other teen girl who post abt it on her snap chat story and makes it her identity. I only post abt it here. My home life I won't get into bc then I'd be called an attention seeking w****

  • Boooooo.........

  • What are you booing

  • Does it matter? All that matters is that it's not validation and approval. OP needs to give it up and either find a hobby or slash its wrists

  • Two years clean of self harm rather not lmaoo

  • Not clean of attention wh0ring though lmaoooooooooooooooo

  • Break your record. You have the strength. Or don't, if you're too weak

  • Totally natural

  • Thank you for a nice response. I don't see why y'all fkn care

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