Immaculate conception

This is absolutely crazy. I’m 52 years old my kids are out of the house and now I’m pregnant and it’s not my husband's baby.

We have been married 27 years and he has had a vasectomy since our last child was born 19 years ago.

I have never had vaginal s** with another man either.

But we have a new pastor after after our previous pastor died thanks to CoViD. I’ve grown close to the new pastor and his wife as I volunteer a lot. I’ve been volunteering a lot more lately. Most of the time it’s just the pastor and I. He is young, cute and so innocent. He is in his late 20’s.

A few months ago he and I were working in the Church preparing to open it back up for limited attendance worship after being closed for months. One thing led to another and next thing I knew I kissed him. Then before I knew it my breast were exposed and he was sucking on my b******. It drove me wild! I then unzipped his pants and sucked him off.

His c*** was so cute. So small. I married my hubby because he had such a huge c***. The biggest I ever saw (over 8 inches) and I had a body count of close to 30 before we met 28 years ago. Any way, pastors manhood was so cute. It was the smallest c*** I ever saw maybe 4 inches tops but so HARD. I took the whole thing in my mouth. He came hard.

The next day we ended up “playing around”. This time we both ended up nude and very h****. We knew it was wrong, but decided a*** was not s**. So it would be fine to have an a*** s** relationship. I never did a*** before. But I have a bit of a bubble butt for a white woman and his c*** is sooo small. It was sooo sexy. His little c*** barely entered pas my sphincter. It felt so naughty but good.

I found myself “volunteering almost everyday. And I found myself bending over for the pastor every time I volunteered. And every time we did it he would c** so hard. He said that I made him c** harder than his wife.

Well, now I’m pregnant! I know it’s not my husband’s as he has a vasectomy. It must be the pastor’s. Our A*** encounters are always messy. I think some of his s**** must have found it’s way into my vigina.

What do I do now?

Dec 17, 2020

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  • I just found this post. I am 27 but I have told the older woman I have been having an affair with I am 35. Jen is the hottest 51 year old woman i have ever meet. Jen is a mail carrier so all the walking does pay off. She has 2 adult kids and I am friends with one of them and that is how i met Jen. She is married but her and her husband do not live together and haven't for some time. What we have going on is mostly a weekend hooked thing.
    I was searching for women getting pregnant over 50 when I found this page. I am trying to get Jen pregnant. I have a thing for older women (late 40's and early 50's) and horrible fetish. I have an impregnating fetish. I have 2 kids with 2 different women. Both mothers are in their 40's.
    Jen is not on birth control but still gets periods. She always makes me wear a condom. (at first) I always try to tear the condom and c** inside of her without her knowing the condom is broken. So when i am able to do this. She sends me to wal-greens to get the plan "B". So the last few times, in the car i have been razor blade cutting to bubble wrap and switching the pill out with a tramadol pill. Then when I get back to her place I brake it out for her to take. So now over the last 4 months, I have done this 7 times. So with a little luck She will be getting big with my baby squirming around in her

  • Nothing more pleasure than breed a mature woman, I hope you get your goal.

  • I think thats very hot. talking as a guy. And i think you should keep volountearing . And also keep your new child.
    Just keep it going and let see what happend.
    If your husband ask. Just say his vasectomy maybe was not fully done ... or something like that?
    Or just say you had another guy....
    I mean maybe he just accepts it
    If not ,nobody care about your husband anyway ...

  • Bullshit unless he has olympic swimmers for sperm it aint getting anywhere near where it needs to get for you to be pregnant hahaha

  • Is he a Southern Baptist pastor?

  • What a sexy fantasy...I’d I’ve for him to bend me over and f*** my ass

  • Idk how you have the audacity to post this story?
    Does your husband know what you are doing?
    How do you think he is going to feel when he finds out?
    I hope you and the pastor rot in h***!

  • Relax its probably fiction...

  • This is a safe space stop shaming

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