My wife Lidia and I have been discussing wife sharing for over a year ow and she has gone from a flat out no until she has gradually given in a little at a time until se agreed to watch p*** with me in the evenings .

I found some wife sharing sites and we have watched them and he has enjoyed them with me and just a little while after that we ran an add on the internet and we several guys respond but they were all from to far away so we checked out some adult book stores and read the adds in the back that both men and women post

We found an interesting add there that said earn $100.00 for 5 minutes riding on my Sybian so we took the add home and looked up Sybian and it is a s** machine,,
We talked about it and she was interested in the $100.00 so we called and talked to the guy and he is a new dealership and making this offer to build up his business.

She explained that she is married and he was OK with me being there for her tryout so we made a date.

It turned out to be his house and he let us in that Saturday afternoon and we all introduced ourselves and he explained that he also filmed the tryouts and Lydia could wear a mask if she chose and she did then he said we had to sign a release so he could use it for advertising.

Then he stated explaining just what the Sybian was and he took us into his bedroom where it was centered on his queen sized bed just a half round box with a pad on top.

He handed Lydia a $100 dollar bill and he told her she could keep all her cloths on if she wanted and she agreed to it and he had her get up on the bed and mount the odd looking contraption then he instructed her to set on top f the odd looking pad with tiny spines on it and has her move around until she was comfortable and she did her face a beet red now because her panties were exposed now and he said you are going to feel these spines but I want you yo sit still ok and Lydia glanced over at me the n meekly said OK and he started it up . Lydia squealed and raised up and he laughed and said its ok sit back down and Lydia did glancing at me with a frown on her face but she settled down and he said I am going to speed this up some now and I heard the thing getting noisy and Lydia sat there her eyes open wide and her mouth in an o circle as he worked the dial then time ran out and he said want to make another $100. and she had started to get off but stopped and asked how and he said just sit there for another 5 minutes and let me work the controls so for the next 15 minutes he would hand her another $100 every five minutes and by now Lydia was making strange sounds as her body reacted to the vibrations not even looking over at me her hair was hanging in her face and her blouse was spotted with perpetration and her eyes had a sleepy look she swallowed when he asked her to take her blouse off and she obediently obeyed now and he did another set and Lydia was covered in beads of perspiration her nipples were hard little pebbles.

He had her dismount and he added a c*** for this next set and Lydia had 5 100.00 bills on the bed with her and he told her to mount again and take the c*** in her p**** .

The bed was soft and she had a little trouble getting the c*** in her but she managed and settled down brushing her hair out of her face she looked slightly demented now her eyes slightly unfocused as she settled down and he turned the machine back on and Lydia grabbed the front of the contraption falling forward and gasped out OH MY GOD and he kept on speeding the machine up faster and faster as Lydia gasped and moaned hanging on for dear life her body shook with the vibes and she was grunting like a pig now her skirt and panties were gone now to and I could see thee foam around the pad where her fluids had been churned into a foam and Lydia cried out I,M C****** F*** F*** F*** as her body convulsed in o***** Slowly very slowly he reduced the speed until all we could hear was her gasps for breath as she hung there her body still jerking after the huge o***** then she began to laugh and said I want one.

Well he didn't have any in stock so I wrote him a check and he ordered it there and it was delivered several days late.
I can now watch Lydia have o****** without worrying about STD or her getting pregnant

Dec 21, 2020

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  • My wife tried one of these at a friends house and orgasmed so hard she passed out

  • Those Sybians are no joke. I was at a coworkers home and noticed that they had one. I asked about it and he ordered his wife to demonstrate it. She blushed but did as he told her. They were older than me but watching her ride it was HOT

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