Beat up in front of my girl

One of my friends and I are kind of competitive and can sometimes argue when we are drinking. On a recent vacation and dinner we got into an disagreement. The argument spilled over and he got up and left the table. He told his wife she had to leave. As we were walking out, the argument continued in the parking lot. He said something and I made a comment back and it turned into a physical fight. He came at me and first he got me by the throat and had me bent backwards over a car's trunk in the parking lot. Then he took me to the ground, kneed me in the stomach and climbed on top of me for a ground and pound. He still had me by the neck. The two girls were begging him not to beat me any more and eventually a big guy from the restaurant came out and stopped it. Now what? It was a clear-cut beatdown and loss for me. Not only in front of his wife, who he eventually admitted liked how he manhandled me, but in front of mine. I feel like I haven't been the same since.

Dec 22, 2020

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  • Buddy you have to get in shape and beat his ass. Your wife will never forget that and might even f*** him. I once got into a fight with a guy that like to fight and I won. I was f****** his girl within a week because she seen it. He was known as a tough guy but it was honestly the easiest fight I ever had. She said she just wanted me to pound her too!

  • I am feeling so bad right a fight some one has to lose

  • Yes it was just a tough one with her there and the way I lost.

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