I am a persecuted civilian in USA

The renewed FBI Cointelpro Operations that were exposed in the 1970’s. The program at that time had ran illegally for over three decades. The renewed operations not only utilizes the tactics and strategies learned in the FBI/ CIA’s previous program, it has as well been combined with the Human Experimentation programs that have ran in the US for over 100 year. The gains in research in all fields is utilized to improve upon the program that targeted many innocent civilians in the past. The use of drugs and poisons is now combined with the use of high grade military technology.
Civilians that have survived these assaults have for decades called themselves Targeted Individuals. This terminology, though descriptive, is now used to discredit the individuals that use it, just as the term gang stalking is used to discredit the large number of civilians now targeted in what was and still is the FBI’s Gang Stalking program.
Many of the individuals I have met, including myself have undergone very traumatizing events, this is psychological warfare carried out by the same agencies that were utilized in the original program. Much of the Domestic policy that has been created post 9/11 has given the government agencies involved in this program the powers and secrecy which allows them to carry this out. Cooperation with corporations which also were involved in the Cointelpro operations, has allowed this program to operate in near secrecy for many decades. Tech companies and social media platforms monitor, block, censor manipulate and control information at every step.
All Data and cellular communications is monitored, all modern surveillance technologies are utilized to monitor civilians 24/7 allowing the participants in the criminal activities to carry out there crimes unimpeded. Microwave surveillance was used against the US in the 1950’s when Russia was found to be bombarding the US embassy in Moscow with microwave radiation for this same purpose.
DARPA took over research into microwaves, at this time this agency was named ARPA. We can find in DARPA’s research the scientific backing to support the claims of the civilians that are found to be outlandish. This technology and the experimentation that is taking place poses a great risk, not only for those currently targeted in this operation, but for the population as a whole.
Many victims of this program report hearing voices, when this is done it is immediately used to discredit these individuals, institutionalize them, to further drug and experiment on them ignoring the fact that microwaves were first used in Allan Freys 1961 microwave auditory experiment to transmit audio across a room into the cerebral cortex of a test subjects brain, the test subject in 1961 could repeat nine out of ten words transmitted.
This technology has progressed as billions of dollars in research has been conducted in experiments that have now spanned over sixty years. In the below linked articles we will find that DARPA using EF, RF and EMF frequencies, and the fields produced hope to now complete the transmission of pictures as well as videos into a test subjects brain.
The use of nanotechnology is found in DARPA wanting to introduce nano transducers into the test subjects body by way of injection, much like nanotechnology found in Covid-19 vaccines will be injected into humans.
Nanoetch 2.4GHz Injectable Fully-
Monolithic RF Wireless Bio-Sensing System
Nano-enabled biosensing systems for intelligent healthcare: towards COVID-19 management
The testing of drugs is also found in this DARPA research to raise the Dopamine levels in the human brain. Many illegal and prescription drugs also result in elevated dopamine levels.
We find many reports of heavy metal poisoning among those targeted which results in neural toxicity, there are many vitamins and minerals one can take to counteract this.
As we see in the above research articles, John Hopkins University is involved in the research currently taking place, they also are the institution that the Covid-19 stats are formulated and reported to the public. John Hopkins is located about 50-60 miles from Fort Detrick where we find the CIA medical division headquarters. This is where the CIA MK Ultra project was based as well as the testing ground for the some of the Covid-19 research and also where the 9/11 anthrax was produced.

Darpa has awarded funding to six organisations to support the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program.
Battelle Memorial Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Rice University and Teledyne Scientific are among the multidisciplinary teams who are developing the interfaces.
In April 2019, researchers from UC Berkeley and the US Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (iMM) predicted that exponential progress in nanotechnology, nanomedicine, artificial intelligence and computation will lead to the development of a “human brain/cloud interface” (B/CI), which connects neurons and synapses in the brain to vast cloud-computing networks in real time.
The technologies needed to meet the goals of the N3 program would have to move past current voltage recording capabilities and would have to include a variety of atypical signals like magnetic fields, electric fields, radiofrequencies and ion concentrations per neuron. These signals and neural activity would likely have to be translated or decoded by yet unwritten algorithms. And the bidirectional neural interface must work in the context of a relevant application for the Department of Defense.
The Hastings Center: Is it ever ethical to conduct a randomized controlled trial (RCT) without consent?
John Hopkins Human Experimentation:
Little Albert Experiment: 1920 Johns Hopkins University
A nine-month old baby named Albert was given a white rat to play with. Initially, Albert played with the rat without any fear. However, he was later given the rat again but this time, the experimenters made a loud noise. Eventually, Albert associated the rat with the noise and became afraid of the rat and in fact, demonstrated a fear of almost anything white and furry. This experiment seemed to show that our fears are connected to early childhood experiences.

John Hopkins: Shreesh Mysore Owl Experiments
Similar to the Targeted experimentation of constant assaults of noise harassment and LED light stalking.
(No reports yet of FBI and cooperating agencies actually cutting open the skulls of victims, they do this with wireless microwaves.)

Mysore cuts into owls’ skulls to expose their brains. Then, he screws and glues metal devices onto their heads. The owls endure two to three invasive surgeries before Mysore uses them in experiments. These birds—who are nocturnal hunters who would fly great distances in their natural habitat—are forced into plastic tubes so cramped that they can’t move their wings while Mysore bombards them with sounds and lights and measures their brain activity. For some experiments, he restrains fully conscious owls for up to 12 hours.
Palo Alto Human Experimentation:
MIT Brain AI interface:

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence.
Rice University: //edition.cnn.com/2018/11/27/health/gene-edited-babies-rice-investigates-professor/index.html
With civilians targeted finding themselves institutionalized after they recount the experiences of the assaults carried out in this program, we find the involvement of the American Psychological Association. Just as they participated in the CIA torture program abroad, they participate in the CIA domestic torture program being carried out on the civilians targeted in this n*** like program. Below is a link to a article on the 542 page independent report made public by the New York Times that exposes the involvement of these psychologist in this Torture program.
The American Psychological Association, torture and the Nuremberg doctors’ trial
With contract tracing expanding the stasi like community policing program created under the Clinton/ Biden administration, and presidential candidate Biden calling for psychologist or psychiatrist to join the law enforcement agencies in the USA, we see a system being created which allows our intelligence agencies to attack any activist, whistleblower, civilian that is deemed a “domestic threat” at will, therefore eliminating any opposition as these terrorist agencies pursue their course of total domination.

Dec 23, 2020

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