Is My Husband Gay?

Just before the COVID-19 lockdown my husband and I went on vacation in Hawaii, where we camped out on Hapuna Beach.One morning my husband woke up early and for a jog and let me sleep in. Three hours later he still was not back and I began to worry, so I called the local police, who found my husband sitting on the beach about four miles away. He told the police he just got tired and sat down to rest, but later that day he told me the truth.

While running he stopped to use a public restroom. He looked around and didn’t see anyone and felt safe. On his way out he encountered two guys and made small talk. After a couple of minutes he started to walk away when they grabbed him and drug him into the restroom. He assumed they wanted his money, but instead had him remove all of his clothing and they forced him to perform oral s** and both anally raped him. Traumatized by the event, he couldn’t do anything other than sitting at the beach. He didn’t tell the police because he was embarrassed and only told me later that night.

Since then my husband has not been able to get this out of his mind and now he wants to find a gay or bi man to “top” him to see if he likes it. We’ve tried a strap on, but he says it’s not the same as “being taken” by a man.

I’m torn. We’ve always been kinky and even had threesomes with other men, but he wants to take it to another level.

Dec 25, 2020

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  • Being a mature man I have wanted a bi guy, then let him and my wife have fun while I watch.

  • I was 15 teen when a man used me after that let a good friend f*** me most days I am 70 years old now and still li!e my bum f*** never told my wife

  • Maybe he wasent forced? but faking a rape eases guilty feelings?

  • Its the ideology if force he likes. He wants to be taken out of him comfort zone.

  • Let him explore himself the best you can do is support him, remember s** isnt love. Your bond will only grow through support! maybe have an open relationship?

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